Questions still unanswered after fatal shooting of Virginia man by US Park Police

first_imgCraig Hudson for The Washington Post via Getty ImagesBy LUKE BARR, ABC News(WASHINGTON) — The United States Park Police have come under fire for their handling of protesters outside the White House, but a case in Northern Virginia could provide insight into the organization’s lack of transparency in controversial incidents, lawmakers say.Bijan Ghaisar was driving home on the George Washington Parkway just outside of Washington, D.C., to have dinner with his father in November 2017. That’s when, according to a family attorney, Ghaisar’s car was struck from behind by another car.Ghaisar had no damage to his car, so he kept driving. But the driver of the other car called police, and that is when the U.S. Park Police “aggressively” pursued Ghaisar, the family lawyer said.Video released by the Fairfax County, Virginia, Police Department shows Ghaisar driving slowly, stopping twice. On the third stop, Ghaisar attempted to go around the Park Police, and officers barricaded him in and opened fire.“At no point did Bijan Ghaisar do anything to cause these officers to believe that their lives or the lives of anybody else was in danger,” family attorney and former Department of Justice official Roy Austin told ABC News.Ghaisar was in a coma and died days later.Austin said that after the incident, “U.S. Park Police provided security to his [hospital] room and told his family and parents that he was a criminal.”In a statement to ABC News, the National Parks Service said that they have “communicated with Congress to provide updates and information as it is able without interfering in the ongoing investigations and litigation. We have no further comment.”‘Terrible treatment’Rep. Don Beyer, D-Va., told ABC News that during the first few days after the shooting there was “silence.”“There was the terrible treatment of the family when they came to see their brother and their son, who was there on life support,” Beyer said. “And they wouldn’t let them visit because somehow they were going to help him escape with three bullets in his head.”Three days after the shooting, the FBI took over the investigation — but to this day, questions about Ghaisar’s death remain.“For the last now, two and a half going on three years, the U.S. Park Police has told us very little; they told the family very little about what happened here,” Austin said. “They have largely defended these officers.”Rep. Beyer said that there was incredible frustration among the families in the Northern Virginia community.“We had a year and a half, almost two years of complete silence, and then another many, many months of silence from the Department of Justice and finally their decision that nothing could be done. So, just an incredible frustration that justice was not served and that everything was opaque the entire time,” Beyer said.Sen. Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat, reiterated that the response from Park Police has been completely “opaque.”He is holding up an Interior Department nomination until he gets questions answered about the shooting.“We gave them and the Department of Interior warning that if I wasn’t going to get answers, I had to use this tool because Bijan’s family, who have just been crushed by the response of our government, deserve a better answer,” he explained to ABC News by phone.Fairfax County Police Chief Edwin Roessler told ABC News that he released his department’s dash-cam footage for the sake of transparency, and he encouraged the Park Police to do the same.He said he told the Park Police at the time that “as professional colleagues … they need to release that video when it’s no longer going to erode the integrity of the investigation.”“That in-car video is my property, although it was evidence,” Roessler said of the footage he released. “So the discussion then allowed communication back to me that they were not going to release the video.”At a community meeting, Acting Park Police Chief Gregory Monahan addressed the incident in December of 2019.“It’s important to note that there are additional aspects to this investigation that still need to be addressed,” Monahan said according to local reports. “There’s the potential for criminal prosecution at the county level or the state level, and there’s also — and will happen — an administrative investigation. Given that there is no determination on the criminal aspect of this incident, I have to respect the process, and I can’t comment any further at this time.”The federal investigation was closed last year and no criminal charges were brought against the officers.Fairfax County District Attorney Steve T. Descano recently requested 260 documents from the FBI pertaining to the case, but so far he has not received any of them.Descano did not respond to ABC News’ request for comment.According to the Washington Post, the Justice Department declined to allow the FBI agents involved in the case testify.Earlier this year, Ghaisar’s family sued the government and the officers involved, and the judge demanded that the government turn over the FBI file in the case.The government has asked for an extension to provide the FBI file in the civil suit, but at a hearing in March, the judge was unmoved by the government’s efforts to delay the file’s release.“I don’t recall that being the discovery process agreed to in the joint discovery plan,” Judge Ivan Davis said.According to Beyer, the Park Police didn’t release the names of the officers involved until their names came out in the discovery phase of the lawsuit.A court date is set for July to provide an update to the discovery process.Austin told ABC News that the federal government has been particularly “cruel” to Ghaisar’s family, and stressed that the government was not transparent with them.“The federal government has been embarrassing, unprofessional and truly just cruel to this family for the last two and a half years,” he said. “At no point when they were announcing their decision not to prosecute did they sit down with the family before announcing making their announcement in public.”Another incident ‘on the same track’?If the Park Police’s response to the Ghaisar case is any indication, it may be difficult to get to the bottom of what happened in Lafayette Park last week when Park Police cleared the park of protesters prior to President Donald Trump’s arrival.In an interview over the weekend, Attorney General William Barr said that the protesters in the park were not peaceful.“They were not peaceful protesters. And that’s one of the big lies that the media seems to be perpetuating at this point,” Barr said in an interview with Face the Nation.The National Parks Service, on behalf of the Park Police, referred ABC News to their statement on June 2.“The United States Park Police (USPP) is committed to the peaceful expression of First Amendment rights. However, this past weekend’s demonstrations at Lafayette Park and across the National Mall included activities that were not part of a peaceful protest, which resulted in injuries to USPP officers in the line of duty, the destruction of public property and the defacing of memorials and monuments,” Monahan said. “During four days of demonstrations, 51 members of the USPP were injured; of those, 11 were transported to the hospital and released and three were admitted.”In the statement, Park Police said that “violent protestors on H Street NW began throwing projectiles including bricks, frozen water bottles and caustic liquids. The protestors also climbed onto a historic building at the north end of Lafayette Park that was destroyed by arson days prior. Intelligence had revealed calls for violence against the police, and officers found caches of glass bottles, baseball bats and metal poles hidden along the street.”Beyer said that the lack of transparency by the Park Police in both incidents is “symptomatic of an overall disrespect for transparency.”“Somehow, the Park Police don’t feel that they are responsible to the community as a whole,” Beyer said.Roessler said that all law enforcement agencies need to come into the 21st century.A Park Police spokesman told multiple news outlets that it was a “mistake” to say that Park Police didn’t use tear gas to clear the park, only to release a statement hours later that walked it back.“United States Park Police officers and other assisting law enforcement partners did not use tear gas or OC Skat Shells to close the area at Lafayette Park in response to violent protesters,” the statement said.Warner said that the two incidents parallel one another.“It’s very troubling that this incident happens. And then you have the incident that happened last week, and there seems to be the same ‘hide the ball.’ Was there tear gas? Was there not tear gas? I don’t know,” Warner said.“It’s arrogant, over the top. But also still — the ‘hide the ball’ approach seems to be the same pattern in terms of what happened at Lafayette Park,” he added.Austin said he sees similarities in how the situations were handled.“They are a law enforcement agency that appears to operate without normal rules of engagement, without proper training and with almost zero transparency, and that’s a problem,” he said.Beyer said that the two incidents are “very much on the same track of just disrespect for public participation, public opinion.”“Other people have a right to know in a democracy what’s going on,” he said. “And we’ve never found out in the Bijan Ghaisar case and now we don’t know what led to the chain of events in Lafayette Square.”Beyer said that perhaps if there isn’t more transparency, it might be time to rethink the Park Police.“This may be the time when we think about folding the Park Police into a police department with a better reputation,” he said. “That would be an idea that still has to be vetted, but Park Service has had its own problems with misogyny and the like.” Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

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Is HR up to the task of closing sex pay gap?

first_img Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. Is HR up to the task of closing sex pay gap?On 11 Dec 2001 in Personnel Today The publication of the Kingsmill review of women’s pay and employment lastweek showed that the Government seems to be following through with its promised”light touch” on employment law – for the time being at least (News,page 1). Ministers have ignored the review’s proposals to make public sectororganisations carry out mandatory equal pay reviews. But employers resistant to carrying out reviews are not out of the woodsyet. Denise Kingsmill’s review proposes that companies should be carrying outpay reviews as soon as 2003 to meet new requirements on company reporting. Andboth Kingsmill and the CIPD have warned that the Government still has theoption of the legislative route if employers fail to put systems in place. Personnel Today backed mandatory equal pay audits in March this year whenthe idea was first mooted, breaking ranks with the CIPD and employers’ groups.Although the Kingsmill review stops short of proposing this measure, it statesthat if there is an unacceptable number of organisations not putting systems inplace “over the next few years” then the Government should legislate.In other words, the mandatory approach is being used as a stick to getemployers to fall into line. Nothing more graphically illustrates the scale of the problem than thesalary survey by Remuneration Economics which shows that the pay of women HRchiefs lags behind that of male ones by 25 per cent. It would be na‹ve to thinkpay reviews alone can close the gap in gender pay but they are a key part ofthe solution. It is going to be down to HR to make sure systems are put inplace to make gender pay differences transparent. A good place to start wouldbe for HR to get its own house in order. By Noel O’Reillylast_img read more

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BYU Football’s Empey and Oldroyd Named To CoSIDA Academic Team

first_img Tags: CoSIDA/Jake Oldroyd/James Empey November 14, 2019 /Sports News – Local BYU Football’s Empey and Oldroyd Named To CoSIDA Academic Team Written by FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailGREENWOOD, Ind.-Thursday, BYU football student-athletes James Empey and Jake Oldroyd were named to the 2019 Academic All-District Football Team, selected by CoSIDA.The Academic All-District Football Team recognizes the nation’s top student-athletes for their combined performances on the field and in the classroom.To be eligible, student-athletes must be starters or significant contributors to their respective programs and maintain at least a cumulative 3.30 GPA.Empey, a sophomore offensive lineman, is a finance major with a 3.83 GPA who has started every game the past two seasons for the Cougars. Oldroyd, a sophomore kicker/punter, is planning to major in business and has a 3.86 GPA in general studies.Oldroyd currently is tied for 18th nationally in field goals made per game (1.6) with Matt Ammendola of Oklahoma State, Georgia Southern’s Tyler Bass, Dominik Eberle of Utah State and Pittsburgh’s Alex Kessman. He is also tied for 26th nationally in punting average (44.1 yards) with Harrison Smith of Vanderbilt. Brad Jameslast_img read more

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Highland Challenger League Kicks Off 5th Year

first_imgTwitterFacebook APRIL 22nd, 2018 Jeff Goldberg JEFF GOLDBERG EVANSVILLE, INDIANAToday was one of the days kids dream about when the cold winter winds come blowing through Evansville. It’s the pure, raw emotion of getting back out onto the baseball diamond that gets everyone through the cold winter months. So it was fitting that Saturday was beautiful outside as the Highland Challenger kicked off its 5th year.It’s easy to tell the excitement when at a Challenger League game. The kids faces light up when they make contact with the ball and head down the first base line. The kids were especially glowy as they were reminded that they are going to the Little League World Series to play on youth baseball’s biggest stage.There are two things that set this Challenger League apart: no cost to the families participating and no child is ever left out. It’s those two pillars that will make things tough when planning out the trip to Williamsport.It will take a lot of dollars and planning to get all members of the Highland Challenger League and family to the LLWS. Today wasn’t just the kick off for baseball games, it was also the first big chance for the organization to start fundraising.There will plenty of ways to help get the members of the league to the LLWS. For a more detailed look head to the league’s Facebook page. There’s a list of events, which includes a game at historic Bosse Field.Jeff Goldberg CommentsFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

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Cascade Brook School planning a Family ELA Night on April 10

first_imgFARMINGTON – Cascade Brook School is planning a family English Language Arts night for students and their parents on Wednesday, featuring events, games and pizza.The Family ELA Night will run from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on April 10, focusing on reading, writing and language activities at CBS. According to Principal Nichole Goodspeed, stations will be set up in the cafeteria for activities like comic writing, using story cubes to build narratives, scavenger hunts and other games. The idea is to get parents involved in their students’ ELA studies at school.The CBS Family Book Fair will be held that same night from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m., selling Scholastic books. All proceeds will be used to purchase books and supplies for the library.Parents attending the event with their students are asked to contact the school at 778-4821 so organizers can gauge attendance for refreshments.last_img read more

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Ghost Light Shares Full-Show Audio From Grateful Dead-Infused Terrapin Crossroads Performance [Listen]

first_imgGhost Light made serious waves in 2018. The newly formed project from Tom Hamilton, Holly Bowling, Raina Mullen, Scotty Zwang, and Steve Lyons is a force to be reckoned with, wowing audiences across the country with their next-level improvisations and already-stellar catalog of originals. With only 10 months as a band under their belts, Ghost Light impressively sold out multiple shows on their inaugural spring tour, based off of word-of-mouth buzz alone. The five-piece also had the pleasure of opening up a number of shows for jamgrass quintet Greensky Bluegrass this fall.In March, Ghost Light made a stop at Phil Lesh’s Terrapin Crossroads venue in San Rafael, CA, offering up a standout two-set performance amidst their extensive inaugural tour. The quintet opened their improv-heavy four-song first set with “Don’t Come Apart Just Yet”, before moving into a cover of American Babies’ “Old Time Religion”. Ghost Light then invited up guitarist Grahame Lesh for “Keep Your Hands To Yourself”, before closing the set with a cover of the Grateful Dead’s “Deal”.Following a brief set break, Ghost Light came back out to open their second set with an improvisational jam, before working through a length take on “Lead Weight”. The second Grateful Dead cover appropriately came next with “Tennessee Jed”, before bringing the second set to a close with a 13-minute take on David Bowie’s “Lazarus”. The American Babies tune “Bullseye Blues” served as the evening’s encore.Luckily for fans, Ghost Light has released another edition of their “Full Show Friday,” featuring their performance from San Rafael, CA’s Terrapin Crossroads on March 23rd, 2018. Listen to the full-show audio below:Ghost Light – 3/23/2018 (Full-Show)[Audio:Jon Hart]Ghost Light doesn’t have any shows planned for the first few months of 2019, aside from their appearance at the 10 Mile Ride Deadhead Ski Trip event in Frisco, Colorado in late March, as well as a performance at Crested Butte, CO’s Center For The Arts. They’re also scheduled to appear at both Electric Forest and Peach Music Festival this summer.For more information and ticketing, head to Ghost Light’s website here.Setlist: Ghost Light | Terrapin Crossroads | San Rafael, CA | 3/23/2018Set One: Don’t Come Apart Just Yet, My Darling, Old Time Religion (American Babies) Keep Your Hands to Yourself *> Deal* (Grateful Dead)Set Two: Jam > Lead Weight > Tennessee Jed (Grateful Dead), Diamond Eyes, Lazarus (David Bowie)E: Bullseye Blues (American Babies)* w/ Grahame Lesh on guitar & vocalslast_img read more

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Meet PowerEdge MX, the First Platform Designed with Kinetic Infrastructure

first_imgAgile Management – Helps companies increase efficiency by creating policies and workflows, and automating them via software tools. The new Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise Modular Edition helps:Control administrative costs and streamline management by replacing multiple enterprise-level systems management tools with a single unified platformIT departments simplify and automate administration while still providing the bandwidth needed to build and manage entire data centersFrees up IT staff, so they can focus on more strategic tasks that benefit the overall businessExtend management to all Dell EMC PowerEdge servers with OpenManage Enterprise The Dell EMC PowerEdge MX PortfolioPowerEdge MX is designed to support a combination of dense virtualization, software-defined storage, software-defined networking, AI and big data projects. Users can tailor compute and storage configurations to their own requirements. This “on-the-fly” hardware capacity helps reduce stranded assets and overprovisioning, greatly improving performance and efficiency.Customers have the flexibility to customize their PowerEdge MX with a robust portfolio of components. Designed specifically for this modular infrastructure, the technologies range from a new 7U chassis, to server and storage sleds to networking, all backed by Dell EMC Services as well as Dell Global Financing options. Get an overview of PowerEdge MX and our other modular infrastructure solutions here.Server infrastructure plays a key role in a company’s IT transformation, and PowerEdge MX can help customers grow their business for years to come. It handles both traditional and transformational workloads, is efficient, easy to manage, and provides a foundation for other Dell EMC solutions such as HCI. As Ashley Gorakhpurwalla, president and general manager of Dell EMC Server and Infrastructure Systems described, “PowerEdge MX enables organizations to transform their IT in a way that optimizes their resources and offers investment protection for future generations of technological advances.”You can’t predict the future, but you can plan for it with the PowerEdge MX.PowerEdge MX. IT UnboundCan’t wait to learn more, or just have to see it in person? We don’t blame you! Dell EMC PowerEdge MX will be on display at VMWorld in Las Vegas August 26-30, and available globally on September 12, 2018. Learn more about PowerEdge MX and our other modular solutions at, and come visit our booth (#1276) in the center of the VMworld exhibition hall.Join the conversation and stay up to date on all things PowerEdge at @DellEMCServers. Process traditional and transformational workloads with Dell EMC’s newest innovationIn today’s fast-moving world, companies must continuously evolve to stay competitive and relevant in their industry. They need to prepare for uncertainty, reacting quickly to sudden change. To meet these demands, innovative organizations are turning to data-fueled workloads such as AI and IoT to help them dynamically respond. But first, they need to ensure that their data centers are up to the challenge. Because transformational workloads have different hardware requirements, they need a modernized, dynamic infrastructure to be successful.This need for flexibility and agility is the reason we’ve spent years researching, developing and refining a solution that can support a variety of traditional and transformational workloads while easily adapting to new technologies as they become available. Today, we’re thrilled to launch PowerEdge MX, the first modular server designed for the emerging category of disaggregated data center infrastructure, or kinetic infrastructure.PowerEdge MX enables optimal use of various IT resources, dynamically adjusting as workload and business needs change. This way, customers can focus on the things brings value to their business – both now and into the future.Its unique, no-mid-plane design enables PowerEdge MX to support multiple generations of technology releases (microprocessors, new storage types and new connectivity innovation) well into the future. This purposeful design makes PowerEdge MX ready to support fully disaggregated components, down to memory-centric devices such as storage class memory, GPUs and FPGAs, to offer full composability.PowerEdge MX: The Foundation for Transformation         PowerEdge MX allows users to break free from traditional boundaries, transforming their infrastructure to a dynamic pool of instantly responding, adapting and evolving resources.Key benefits of PowerEdge MX include:Flexible Architecture – Disaggregated systems leverage a shared pool of compute, storage and networking assets to dynamically respond to changing needs via:Elastic Resources: non-disruptive provisioning, on-demand allocation of compute, storage and networking resource poolsScalable SmartFabric: cost-effective multi-chassis architecture with open networking options and upgrade simplicity for future I/O flexibilityGranular Storage: dense, highly flexible, swappable, scale-out direct attached storage sled with easy front accesscenter_img Responsive Design – Helps companies protect infrastructure and lifecycle investment for improved ROI and a greater overall business impact, and:Assures support for at least three sever processor generationsControls algorithms for dense configurations with future compatibilityProtects, detects and recovers underlying infrastructure from cyber attackslast_img read more

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4-H’ers give back to their communities

first_img45 states’ youths surveyedOfficially named the 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development, the Tufts research is an on-going study that started in 2001 with support from the National 4-H Council. Richard Lerner, a youth development scholar, works with researchers at the Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development at Tufts University to conduct the study. According to a study by Tufts University, 4-H’ers are three times more likely to contribute to their communities than youths not participating in 4-H. 4-H’ers thrive through the health and science education and career preparation they receive through 4-H programming, the study says. Compared to non-4-H youths, 4-H’ers spend more hours exercising or being physically active. 4-H’ers also have higher educational achievement and higher motivation for future education, reporting better grades and an elevated level of engagement at school.Active in their communitiesThe study shows that the structured learning, encouragement and adult mentoring that young people receive through 4-H plays a vital role in helping them actively contribute to their communities. “The findings presented in the Tufts study are evidence that the young people who are involved in 4-H are better equipped to lead more productive and altruistic lives,” said Donald T. Floyd, Jr., president and CEO of National 4-H Council. “Although 4-H has been the largest youth development program in the nation for more than 100 years, many people are unaware of the incredible and uncommon commitment of 4-H’ers to break through obstacles, tackle big problems and make measurable contributions where they live.” Youths are measured in “waves” across time which compared those that participate in 4-H to those that do not. The study is currently in wave seven. The 6,885 adolescents surveyed are racially and geographically diverse, representing 45 states.In Georgia, 4-H’ers are leading issues in their towns, counties and state. Health walks, performing arts and animal savingIn Columbia County, Ga., Ryan Rose’s commitment to learning about heart disease in women led to a community-wide walk and educational program, a school-wide “Wear Red” day and donations to the American Heart Association. Through his 4-H project, Rose learned about heart disease and sought to teach others. From middle school 4-H meetings to links on his high school’s website, Rose worked to involve his community in understanding and working to prevent heart disease in women in his county.Mary Allison Lathem combines her love for performing with helping children in Covington, Ga. She formed a community performing arts club and offered programs for at-risk youths visiting the Washington Street Community Center. Thirty-five children in the community center’s after-school program now meet weekly to explore dance, music, acting, puppetry and costuming. Lathem’s efforts and community connections led to club members attending performances of the Nutcracker and the Wizard of Oz, the first live performances most of the students had seen. Local teachers say students in the performing arts club have improved performance and the director of the county’s after-school programs uses the program as a model for all after-school programs to incorporate performing arts.In Georgia, 62 percent of animals in shelters are euthanized each year. After learning that her hometown has an even higher rate, Putnam County 4-H’er Eryn Parker sought to find a solution. Partnering with Petfinders, a national website, Parker photographed animals and posted descriptions to help find the strays new homes. She linked the information to the Putnam County Animal Control Facebook page and posted flyers in the community. With the help of her fellow 4-H’ers, Parker’s work increased the adoption rate of animals from Putnam County Animal Control by 42 percent.The Georgia 4-H program is carried out by University of Georgia staff in counties across the state. To connect with your local 4-H program, call 1-800-ASK-UGA1 or visit the website read more

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$2 Million in EDA Funding for high-speed Internet link

first_imgJeffords Announces $2 Million in EDA Funding For High-Speed Internet Link in Northern Vermont WASHINGTON D.C. — U.S. Senator Jim Jeffords, I-Vt.,today announced that the U.S. Economic Development Administration willaward $2 million to support the North Link fiber optic network, a projectthat will connect six northern Vermont counties to high-speed Internetaccess. The counties include Caledonia; Essex; Franklin; Grand Isle;Lamoille and Orleans. The North Link project is the brainchild of the EconomicDevelopment Council of Northern Vermont (EDCNV), working with VermontElectric Coop. “Broadband access is so critical to our economy, and theNorth Link project will allow these counties to operate on a level playingfield wth more densely populated, urban areas. It is truly an innovativeand exciting opportunity for rural Vermont and its businesses,” saidJeffords. He is the ranking member of the Senate Environment and PublicWorks Commiteee, which oversees the EDA. “The Commerce Department is pleased to partner with thepeople of Vermont and set the stage for investment and innovation througheconomic development grants like these,” said U.S. Assistant Secretary ofCommerce for Economic Development David A. Sampson. “This broadbandproject will help businesses innovate, bringing high-skill, high-wage jobsto the region.” Connie Stanley Little, executive director of EconomicDevelopment Council of Northern Vermont, added, “Thanks to the assistanceof Senator Jeffords, the North Link project will be a critical componentin the creation of high-tech jobs and economic development opporunities.”The council is the sole EDA-designated district in Vermont. Currently the lack of broadband access is hurting theseregions of northern Vermont and forcing businesses to relocate to otherareas with high-speed access, according to the EDA. The project, whichwill link private sector, first responders, state offices, hospitals andeducational institutions, will cost an estimated $8.7 million. These fundsare expected to spur as much as $58 million in private sector investmentover five years, creating an estimated 510 new jobs and retaining morethan 2,000 existing jobs, according to the EDA.last_img read more

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Peru Will Acquire Satellite to Contribute to the Country’s Development and Security

first_imgBy Dialogo March 29, 2011 Congratulations to the Ministry of Defense of Peru for that purchase. I am happy that our America Latin countries are moving forward in their development. It seems that this is an advancement of the communication referred to. It’s very good to be aware of what happens inside and outside the country. Good for that That’s good to hear. Just finished a project on satellite’s contribution to national development. God bless ur country, God bless Nigeria! Economic growth must go hand in hand with national security. It is good to know that they have the idea of protecting investments. Peru will acquire an earth observation satellite that will contribute to the country’s national development, defense, and security, the Peruvian Defense Ministry announced on 26 March. “The Peruvian state, through the Defense Ministry, will acquire ownership of a satellite system that can provide timely and appropriate information for contributing to national development,” the ministry indicated in a statement. It maintained that with the information obtained by means of the satellite, it will be possible to improve vigilance over and security of the national territory and guarantee social wellbeing. “The satellite system will make a major contribution to national security and defense, since it is expected to contribute to the protection of our borders, the fight against drug trafficking and terrorism, and the monitoring of illicit cultivation,” according to the note. It will likewise be useful for preserving Amazon forests by locating any illegal indiscriminate logging activity and will make it possible to monitor the melting of glaciers and the pollution of rivers and lakes. It will also monitor changes that may occur in Peru, contributing to preventing, identifying, and mitigating potential natural disasters. The ministry stated that acquisition of the satellite system will put Peru among the countries in the region with the most advanced technology for capturing satellite images.last_img read more

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