M&S, Morrisons and Geary’s unveil new bakery products

first_imgSource: PidySelection by Pidy, PidyBelgium-based pastry supplier has announced a premium range of ready-to-fill tartlets for the foodservice market.Called Selection by Pidy, the range consists of 11 different tartlets in neutral, sweet or chocolate shortcrust pastry and includes a variety of shapes and sizes. The tartlets are made from a traditional French recipe and have a plant-based coating that does not contain palm oil. This, Pidy said, helps the products maintain their crisp texture for longer.The range also comes with revamped packaging. The hard, custom-made plastic tray and plastic flow pack has been designed to keep the range secure in transit, the supplier said. The range is also vacuum packed to maintain freshness and can be stored ambient.“The range has been carefully developed with only the finest ingredients and technical precision to meet the demands of professional chefs and caterers,” said Fabien Levet, commercial manager at Pidy UK. “Selection by Pidy has features that really set it apart and provide the confidence of high-quality results every time. Whatever the style of menu or outlet, the range is sure to suit all due to its versatility and will offer even more culinary possibilities.” Source: Pan’ArtisanItalian Wood Fired Pizza Bases, Pan’ArtisanPan’Artisan has re-engineered one of its most popular pizza bases – the Italian Wood Fired one.The updated version now has a higher crust to reflect the authentic characteristics of Napoli pizza, the company said. The bases are supplied already sauced and delivered part-baked and delivered frozen. When required, operators just need to defrost them at room temperature for 10 minutes.“We wanted to ensure that our Italian Wood Fired bases were as genuine as they could be. It’s for this reason we have them manufactured for us in Italy, guaranteeing provenance and authenticity,” said Chris Dickinson, Pan’Artisan’s development director. “To ensure a rustic, artisanal base the dough is hand stretched and, to offer the ultimate in convenience, they are topped with a premium tomato sauce and are available in two sizes: 23cm in cases of 10, and 29cm in cases of 12.” Source: M&SColin the Caterpillar Button Biscuits, choc orange doughnuts and internationally inspired sourdough loaves are among the latest new bakery products to hit the shelves.There are also bakery-inspired desserts from Gü as well as revamped pizza bases and tartlets for the foodservice market.Here’s our pick of the latest NPD to be unveiled: Source: MorrisonsChoc orange doughnut, MorrisonsMorrisons has added a chocolate orange doughnut to its in-store bakery range.Described as the ‘flavour of the moment’, each doughnut is hand filled with a chocolate orange filling and dusted with icing sugar. The retailer has also rolled out a lemon curd doughnut for spring. Both are available in 400 stores nationwide priced at 50p per pack of five.Morrisons makes all its doughnuts in-store from scratch every day.“We’re always looking to add new and exciting flavours to our bakery range. We know that our customers love the chocolate orange trend, so it made sense to combine it with our renowned doughnuts,” said Andy Clarke, in-store bakery manager at Morrisons. Source: GüBakery-inspired desserts, GüChilled dessert brand Gü has launched a range extension called Gü Inspirations which are influenced by popular American-style bakery treats.The trio of flavours – Chocolate & Honeycomb, Cookies & Cream and Red Velvet – are designed to help attract younger shoppers to the category by offering ‘on-trend flavours’. They all have an rsp of £3.40 for a two-pack.Chocolate & Honeycomb consists of a chocolate biscuit base and caramel sauce, topped with chocolate and honey ganache while the Cookies & Cream variant boasts a dark chocolate cookie dough base topped with a Jersey cream layer and finished with cookie sprinkles. Finally, the Red Velvet version features red velvet biscuit base, topped with a mascarpone cheese frosting and finished with red velvet biscuit crumbs.The latest addition comes after a period of sustained growth for the brand, Gü said.“All three flavour profiles are growing in popularity across other categories, particularly among younger shoppers – an audience where there is the opportunity to increase the number of people buying into chilled desserts and their purchase frequency,” said Amy Heap, Gü marketing director. Source: M&SColin the Caterpillar Button Biscuits, M&SM&S is taking Colin the Caterpillar into the biscuit aisle in the form of button biscuits.The cocoa biscuits are filled with a smooth white chocolate centre and topped with milk chocolate and sugar coated sprinkled. They’re sold in five-packs which have 110 kcal per portion and cost £1.The move comes shortly after the retailer took the Colin the Caterpillar brand into cupcakes.M&S has also rolled out Mini Choc Chip Cookies which come in packs of six and also cost £1. These come in at just under 100 kcal per portion.Also joining its range are Super Seed Sunflower, Sesame and Linseed Seeded Crackers. Made with over 90% seeds, the savoury snack costs £1.80 per 130g pack. Source: Geary’s BakeryBreads of the worlds, Jason’s SourdoughJason’s Sourdough has unveiled a three-strong ‘breads of the world’ range.The range is rolling into Asda stores from 19 April with an rsp of £1.80 and comprises:White & Rye Sourdough – this 400g New York-inspired loaf features a pinch of caraway seeds and is claimed to be a perfect pairing for pastrami and Emmental deli-style sandwichesWhite Sourdough Potato Loaf – with Baltic influences, this 400g loaf has a hint of rosemary Italian Inspired Tear & Share – this 225g flatbread features sundried tomato and basil flavours and is described as ideal for serving on the side of pastaEach of the loaves are slow proved over 24 hours, the company said, and are free from added sugars, preservatives, and additives.Geary’s Bakery, the family-owned company behind the loaves, first ventured into the branded space in March last year with the Jason’s range of ciabattin loaves – a mash up of ciabatta and sourdough. The range was revamped a few months later to ‘reinforce’ its sourdough credentials.last_img read more

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Wake-up exercise workout

first_img Tweet Share Gentle exercise to kick-start your dayWhile exercise studies have shown that vigorous exercise in the morning can compromise the immune system, gentle activity helps to wake up the brain and body, mobilizing joints, activating the postural muscles and raising body temperature and heart rate. Here’s the realbuzz.com guide on how to successfully, and safely, exercise in the morning.This exercise workout sequence will take you just a few minutes – perform it on waking to start your day feeling energized.1. Before you even get out of bed, take a few deep breaths and have a stretch, right from the tips of the fingers to the toes.2. Now draw your knees into your chest and hug them. Drop your knees down to the left-hand side, taking your head over to the right; take a breath here, and as you exhale, bring the knees back through center and drop them to the right, taking the head to the left.3. Swing your legs off the bed and with feet hip distance apart and flat on the floor, drape your torso over your thighs, allowing arms to drop to the floor. Hang here for a moment then grasp your lower legs with your hands and pull up, so that you are rounding your back, and stretching through the shoulders. Release and roll back up to an upright position. Now link your hands together behind your back and straighten them, feeling a stretch across the chest and front of the shoulders. Hold for a moment and then release.4. Next, stand up and with feet below hips, begin to swing your arms around your body (left arm goes behind left hip while right arm crosses over the body, then reverse), allowing the torso and hips to rotate from side-to-side but keeping the tummy engaged. Let the head follow the movement, and keep it relaxed and rhythmical. Count to 30 while you do this.5. Now link your hands together and lift them overhead, with palms facing down. Keeping your tummy engaged and hips centred, drop your torso to the side, take a breath and then as you exhale, come back through center and drop to the other side.6. Next, grab your pillow and place it between your thighs, just above the knees. With weight evenly dispersed between heel and forefoot, bend the legs into a half-squat, squeezing the cushion and pressing the buttocks together. Pause for a couple of seconds, then stand up, rising up on to the balls of the feet, before lowering into the next repetition. Do this 10 times, squeezing the cushion throughout – you may feel a bit silly but this great exercise to wake up the large muscles in the legs and buttocks.7. Still standing tall, let your knees slightly bend and drop your arms by your sides. Take a breath and as you exhale, draw the chin to the chest and begin to roll forwards through the neck vertebrae, the upper back, the mid back and finally the lower back, until your head and arms are hanging down by your feet. Pause to take a breath and as you exhale, ‘rebuild’ the spine by rolling back up to a standing position. Imagine the spine is like a wheel turning. Do this three times, but on the last one, when you roll down, go all the way to the floor, bending the knees and taking your hands to the floor.8. Walk your hands out until you are lying flat on the floor, face down. You can rest your forehead on your hands. Keeping your hipbones pressing down into the floor, bring each foot alternately into the bottom and out straight again. Do this rhythmically, counting to 30.9. Next, push yourself back onto your hands and knees, so that you are on all fours, hands under shoulders, knees under hips. Gently pull in the tummy and round the back up, allowing the head to drop. Pause, then arch the back – lengthening it out as much as you can – and lifting the head. Repeat this three times and then rock back to your feet and keeping knees slightly bent, roll back up to standing.10. Give your shoulders a roll, shake out your arms and legs and go jump in the shower! Although you can’t really class this as a full-on workout, it’s a great way to start the day and prepare your body. So instead of taking a few minutes for that extra cup of coffee to give you the boost – energize with a bit of exercise! Try it tomorrow and see if it makes a difference to you and your day.Real Buzz Share Sharecenter_img Sharing is caring! HealthLifestyle Wake-up exercise workout by: – October 9, 2012 27 Views   no discussionslast_img read more

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