Online platform Onward promotes student engagement

first_imgIn their campaign platform, student body president and vice president Bryan Ricketts and Nidia Ruelas introduced the idea for Onward, an online forum for students to submit and vote on ideas for improving the University. The forum officially launched through student government’s website on Sept. 29.The site is accessible through and requires a Notre Dame login. Students can submit ideas as well as up-vote or down-vote ideas they like or dislike, and respond to other students’ posts. All posts begin with the tag “ideation stage,” but can gain “implementation” status when student government begins to look into moving forward with them.Constituent services director John Kill said the development of Onward is a gradual process, and the forum provides an opportunity for students to be involved in the discussion and implementation of new ideas.“It’s early still but as we continue to define how we want Onward to be used. … I think we will see an incredible increase in student body involvement … to make this University a better place,” he said.The staff in constituent services is getting in the habit of consistently publishing reports that contain the top ideas on Onward, Kill said.“We’re not quite sure how often we’ll publish reports, but we’re thinking every four to six weeks, we’ll have a report that will evaluate the top 10 ideas,” Kill said. “[Onward] keeps us accountable to the students, and it keeps the students accountable to their ideas.”Campus technology director Michael McRoskey, who was involved in the technological process of creating Onward, said the best comparison for it was an idea-sharing platform that shared layout similarities with the social media site Yik Yak.“We partnered with OIT to use this idea-share service, and people can sign in with their net IDs,” McRoskey said. “We wanted to give students the opportunity … to be empowered. This is kind of like removing the barrier, and you can post your ideas right from your dorm room [with] the most popular ideas being upvoted.”McRoskey is also in the process of launching student government’s new website in the upcoming weeks. He said the current website lacked engaging content and visuals.“We took the current website and totally refreshed it, so that it’s more dynamic and shows what’s happening on Onward. It’s very visual and mobile friendly,” McRoskey said.The website’s main purpose is to show students that student government is working for them, and to showcase newly implemented ideas and accomplishments, McRoskey said.“People can see what student government does because a lot of people don’t understand what student government does behind the scenes,” he said.McRoskey said Onward provides an interactive platform for students and their representatives to communicate and talk about student concerns and possible solutions. McRoskey said some popular topics feature on Onward are prices in The Huddle, the printing quota and various complaints with food services.“It empowers students to share their ideas and … sort of refine them,” McRoskey said. “It’s not just complaining because people comment on that idea … and work towards synthesizing a solution.”Tags: Onward, Student government, student government in focuslast_img read more

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6 ways to protect your institution from coronavirus-related cybersecurity threats

first_img continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr During events such as the COVID-19, or Coronavirus, pandemic, there is often an increase of criminal activity online. Preying on fear and panic, cyber criminals are now sending various scams related to COVID-19 and taking advantage of increasing vulnerabilities resulting from unusual working situations. It is critical that you and your institution’s employees exercise caution during this time.Coronavirus Cybersecurity ThreatsFraudsters are using a variety of tactics in efforts to scam businesses and individuals, and your institution must maintain a heightened sense of awareness. Malicious websites are being registered by fraudsters at breakneck speed, many including the word “corona,” and these are used to distribute malware to the devices of unsuspecting visitors. Scammers are using spam emails containing conspiracy language or offering the opportunity to purchase high-demand goods, including masks, cleaning supplies, etc.Additionally, cyber criminals are sending phishing emails that appear to come from familiar organizations but contain malicious phishing links or dangerous attachments. Be especially wary of emails claiming to have “new” or “updated” lists of COVID-19 cases in your area, as these emails can contain dangerous links. The attachments to these emails often include malware that, when installed, allow the attacker to install additional malware on the compromised machine, including ransomware, keyloggers and credential stealing malware.last_img read more

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Former Turks and Caicos premier seeks immunity

first_imgMichael MisickPROVIDENCIALES, Turks and Caicos Islands — According to sources in the Haitian community in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), who tend to exchange information with their friends and relatives in Haiti, former TCI premier Michael Misick (45), who has reportedly sought refuge in the Dominican Republic, may be trying to use matrimony to escape repatriation and prosecution in the TCI. Haiti, which shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic, is therefore in close proximity to sources in the Dominican Republic, who claim that Misick has married the daughter of a high ranking Dominican Republic official and therefore is immune from extradition. This would be the third known marriage for Misick.According to earlier reports, the Dominican Republic authorities had previously given assurances to their American and British counterparts that they would hand over Misick if called upon to do so.While this story has yet to be confirmed there is much local concern over the fact that the special investigation and prosecution team (SIPT) has yet to question Misick, who was the central figure in the 2009 Commission of Inquiry into allegations of widespread government corruption. Misick has rarely visited the TCI in recent times and has not been seen here since members of his former administration have been arrested and charged with a number of offences, including money laundering and bribery.One of Misick’s last political moves was to support current Progressive National Party (PNP) leader Clayton Greene in his quest to lead the besieged party in a late 2010 convention. All of the contenders were beneficiaries of the Misick regime and all were known to have supported Misick in the February 2007 elections, less than two years before the British Foreign Affairs Committee began to call for a Commission of Inquiry.Misick is the only member of the PNP to flee justice.Meanwhile, in a newly released press statement, former TCI chief minister turned pastor, Oswald Skippings, has said, “Michael Misick was neither the master or the mind that masterminded such an diabolical plot to take over the Crown land and all other tangible assets of the Turks and Caicos people and milk its coffers dry.”The former member of the Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) executive council and now party stalwart, who last served as deputy leader under Floyd Seymour, did not explain who in his opinion did mastermind the massive sale of Crown land and make the large and expensive loans for the hospitals, other large operating loans, approve purchases of millions of dollars worth of pavement and other government projects without the ability to pay for them.Skippings does, however, appear to contradict himself and charge both past politicians and administrators, saying, “Yes, some of the poor past politicians and administrators are guilty of some infractions and I might add with the help and collusion of executives of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) who are no less guilty, including British governors and British appointed governors.”Skippings, who was once TCI’s youngest chief minister, goes on to chide those who continue to support the British takeover, which is now two-and-a-half years old. When the FCO first announced the need for an interim government, they anticipated two years of direct rule more or less.“The situation is such that even its [the direct rule government] once most ardent supporters and sympathizers have lost all confidence in this British regime, with the exception of a few like minded privileged sympathizers who are reaping where they have not sown and arbitrarily calling the shots at Waterloo [the governor’s residence on Grand Turk],” said SkippingsFinally, Skippings goes on to warn that the people of the TCI will soon emerge from an inactive submissive state to contest the continuation of British direct rule. Skippings did not call for any financial assistance, despite the wide spread discontent over massively increased taxation needed to address the large and increasing debts, as well as health care costs.By Caribbean News Now contributor Share 20 Views   no discussions NewsRegional Former Turks and Caicos premier seeks immunity by: – February 27, 2012 Tweetcenter_img Share Share Sharing is caring!last_img read more

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Camogie clashes in The Ragg

first_imgNear neighbours  Borrisoleigh and Drom clash in The Ragg at 12 while at 2.30 an All North pairing sees Burgess-Duharra meet Moneygall at the same venue.last_img

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