OWWA denies violating COVID protocols

first_img*IATF Resolution No. 22-2020 (April 8, 2020): “To carry out the directive underParagraph (F) of IATF Resolution No. 18, series of 2020 of ensuring theunhampered transit of OFWs who have been issued certificates of completion of14-day quarantine, or those who may be required to undergo mandatory 14-dayhome quarantine, all LGUs are enjoined to allow the docking of maritime vesselsin their ports, as well as to allow the disembarkation and transit of theaforementioned OFWs to their ultimate destination in the country.” “Ifwe have been imperfect, then I apologize to Mayor (Jerry) Treñas and the Cityof Iloilo. At the same time, we offer our continuing support and partnership,as there are many more OFWs we could serve during this, perhaps, greatestchallenge of our generation,” according to Cacdac. OnMonday, Treñas accused OWWA of violating protocols when it returned to Iloilothe OFWs in Cebu, thereby compromising the health and safety of 32 citygovernment health workers and staff, six personnel of the city’s Public Safetyand Transportation Management Office, 14 personnel of the Philippine CoastGuard, and 42 crew of shipping line Cokaliong.  Ina statement issued yesterday, Administrator Hans Cacdac stressed OWWA wasguided by two IATF-EID resolutions. These were thefollowing: “Ourpeople on the ground in both Regions 6 and 7 guided the three OFWs and around20 other Ilonggo OFWs that night of April 8 — before, during and after the boattrip from Cebu to Iloilo City. We kept them company and guided them. And wewish to assure them that we shall maintain our assistance, because this is howwe are at OWWA. We treat our dear OFWs as more than family. If they arehealthy, we help them with whatever needs they may have. If they are sick, wehelp them even more,” Cacdac said. Theyleft Cebu with Medical Certificates from the DOH-Bureau of Quarantine or theCebu City Health Department issued on April 2, April 6, and April 8,respectively, stressed Cacdac. Threeof the OFWs from Cebu tested positive for the coronavirus disease 2019(COVID-19) in a rapid test, said Treñas, and in the subsequent confirmatorytest, one of them against tested positive. ILOILOCity – The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) denied violating theprotocols set by the national government’s Inter–AgencyTask Forceforthe Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) when itfacilitated the return here on April 8 of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs)stranded in Cebu. Cacdacinsisted that the names and transport of the OFWs, specifically the three whotested positive in the rapid test, were coordinated with the Office of CivilDefense (Regions 6 and 7), the Cebu City Government, and the Iloilo CityGovernment.center_img *IATF Resolution No. 18-2020 (April 1, 2020): “Local government units (LGUs) arehereby strongly enjoined to allow the unhampered transit of OFWs who have beenissued Department of Health (DOH) or LGU certificate of completion of 14-dayfacility-based quarantine, or those who may be required by the Department ofHealth (DOH) or LGUs to undergo a mandatory 14-day home quarantine.” Ina follow up text message, the city mayor said he wanted this issue closedalready, and move on. Thesecertificates stated that the three OFWs were asymptomatic and had hurdled the14-day quarantine in Cebu, he added. OWWA Administrator Hans Cacdac. RAPPLER Thethree OFWs arrived in Cebu from Dubai via Emirates Airlines on separate datesfrom March 17 to March 19. Inanother statement released yesterday, Treñas insisted, “I was terribly shockedto learn that there was a violation of protocols established by the IATF. Asidefrom OFWs who had finished the 14-day quarantine in Cebu there were threeundocumented persons who were allowed to join the group. It was from the threeundocumented persons that one person turned positive both in the rapid testingand the confirmatory PCR test. We are still awaiting the results of theconfirmatory tests from the laboratory up to now. Protocols established by theIATF are there for a reason and we should adhere to them.” “Weare all imperfect and let us accept each other’s imperfection. Let us all leavethis issue aside and face the many challenges ahead including how we deal withour OFWs. Let us move on and do our outmost to work hand in hand with allgovernment agencies in the spirit of cooperation with mutual respect,” hestated./PNlast_img read more

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