Survey shows parental leave taking off

first_imgMore than a third of employers in a recent survey have received requests forparental leave under the legislation introduced last year. Thirty six per cent of respondents to a poll conducted by law firm Allen& Overy had received requests, despite the fact that only 12 per centoffered paid leave. None of those organisations had asked their employees topostpone taking leave, “indicating that the right is not as disruptive tobusiness as some have suggested”. Approximately 100 clients took part in the survey, more than half of whichemploy 500 people or more. Only 21 per cent of employers said they requestedinformation on whether a new employee had taken any of their parental leaveentitlement from previous employers, running the risk of individuals abusingtheir rights. Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Survey shows parental leave taking offOn 1 Dec 2000 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more

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Lakers’ Kobe Bryant carries rock star status in China

first_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error It didn’t tick off Lakers center Chris Kaman, who played for the German national team in 2008. He laughed as he recalled hundreds of Olympic volunteers swarming Bryant.“They are all like little puppy dogs just like holding a picture out for an autograph,” Kaman said. “And they don’t know how to say it (in English), so they’re like, ‘Photo! Photo! Sign! Sign!’”Bryant likely has plenty of time to sign autographs. His rehab surrounding his surgically repaired left Achilles tendon will keep him out of both exhibition games. But Bryant’s likely willingness to write his signature hardly involves just passing the time. Since first hosting a clinic here in 1998, Bryant has visited China each summer for the past eight years. His latest stop marks the second trip he’s made to the country this year. That gives Bryant a platform to promote more than just the NBA Global Games, which will boast a league-record 12 teams playing 10 games in 10 cities spanning seven countries. Bryant also hosted two meet-and-greet events Sunday in Beijing, one sponsored by Nike and the other run by the Soong Ching Ling Foundation, a charity sanctioned by the Chinese government that raises money within the country earmarked for education and health programs. Bryant also will participate in other events in Shanghai later this week. He will attend another Nike-sponsored event Wednesday, and then participate Thursday in the NBA Cares basketball clinic for the Special Olympics as well as a fan appreciation event. “When I came out here, the reaction and passion they have for the game, it’s fun to be around,” Bryant told reporters in China. “It’s like teaching the game and people want to learn and have a thirst for it. Because of that, I started coming back.”Each visit entails concerns about handling those among the 1.36 billion people in China who are eager to see Bryant.Even if Bryant didn’t have injuries to monitor, he wouldn’t have joined the Lakers during their visit to the Great Wall on Sunday because the large number of people following him would’ve made it difficult to successfully navigate, this newspaper learned.Someone who’s been present at Bryant’s events in China recalled a similar incident playing out in August when he visited the Terracotta Warriors in the city of Xi’an, an archaeological sight full of sculptures depicting the armies of Quin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. “Literally, all Kobe could do was walk through one section,” said the source, who requested anonymity. “He couldn’t go to any other section.”Bryant’s presence also caused commotion in other ways. The same source noted Bryant often threw his shoes into the crowd following an event, leaving him with only socks to walk back toward his car as legions of Chinese fans chased him. Meanwhile, those fans sometimes turned against each other. “Kobe did a clinic and threw a jersey out into the crowd,” the source recalled. “Afterwards, about seven people held onto the jersey and no one would let go.” Not that it should be surprising.Bryant has boasted the NBA’s highest-selling jersey in China for six of the past seven years. Lakers guard Marcus Landry, who played with the Shanghai Sharks from 2011-12, recalled running into people there sporting Bryant’s jersey “at least two or three times a day.”Bryant’s looming presence in China also helped secure endorsement deals with Smart Car, Sprite and Lenovo. His countless trips promoting Nike has helped China become the franchise’s second-largest market outside of the United States, according to the shoe company. After creating an account with Sina (the Chinese version of the social media site Twitter), Bryant’s followers morphed from 325,000 in February to a current 2.1 million followers. The NBA said it has issued a high number of credentials for Chinese media for the Lakers’ exhibition games in Beijing (209 reporters for 133 media outlets) and Shanghai (205 reporters for 125 media outlets).“Because of the things I played through and the work ethic I have, I think it struck a chord with the fans out here,” Bryant told reporters in China. “It’s something that inspired them.”Bryant isn’t speaking hyperbole. Yu Jia, a sports commentator with China Central Television (CCTV), ranked Bryant as the second-most popular athlete in China behind only Yao Ming, the former Houston Rockets center who grew up in Shanghai. Yu considers Bryant more popular than Rockets guard Jeremy Lin, the first American-born NBA player of Taiwanese descent, because of his longevity and superior talent. “Kobe’s spirit matches the Chinese tradition in believing in hard work,” Yu wrote in an email. “Every morning on his China tour, Kobe would go to the fitness room before his event. Even on his private flight, he was always known to do some push-ups. He’s somebody who practices so much, and the Chinese fans know and respect that.”It appears Chinese fans have respected many things Bryant has done. They marveled at Bryant participating this summer in a chopsticks competition. Bryant wowed crowds with his basketball skill both in Team USA’s gold-medal win in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and an appearance last year in an exhibition game where he scored 68 points in 15 minutes. Five years ago, Bryant even hosted “Kobe Mentu,” a six-episode reality television show that entailed finalists traveling to the U.S. and learning basketball from the Lakers star.During filming, Bryant met a 14-year-old boy named Cao Yan with spina bifida, a medical condition stemmed from parts of the spinal cord and nerves coming through the open part of the spine. According to his foundation, Bryant paid for Cao to receive life-saving treatment. In 2009, the Kobe China Fund donated five million yuan (about $732,000) to the Sichuan province for earthquake relief efforts. For the past four years, Bryant also has overseen a Mandarin exchange program with After School All-Stars, Los Angeles, that allows 10 Chinese students to go on a five-day cultural exchange program in the U.S. The students visit various L.A. landmarks, interact with students across 48 schools in Los Angeles County and learn the ancient martial art of Wushu, considered the most popular sport in China. Meanwhile, 10 American students travel each year on a two-week tour through China. “The big talking point Kobe always raises is to dream big and to do something you’re passionate about,” said Ana Campos, the president and executive director of After School All-Stars, Los Angeles. “He often talks about taking advantage of opportunities that come your way.”Kieman Gordon, a 17-year-old senior at William & Carol Ouchi High School in downtown Los Angeles, remembers nearly every detail from two years ago when Bryant instructed him and other students during a clinic in China through a series of ball-handling and dribbling drills with the same kind of stern expectations he shows his teammates.“Kobe was like a coach,” Gordon said. “He would say, ‘Pick it up,” or ‘That’s not a good pushup.’ Kobe wasn’t mean. But he’d tell us if we were doing things wrong.”It appears Bryant’s doing plenty of things right during his China visits.He sounds open toward the country’s culture, posting on his Instagram account this summer his efforts to write in Chinese calligraphy. Despite Bryant facing heavy thunder and rain during a charity event in Shanghai three years ago, Yu recalled the Lakers star refusing to cancel the appearance because of the heavy turnout. That same year, the Asia Society honored Bryant as a “cultural ambassador.”“Kobe’s team understands that to build that brand and be embraced by any culture requires a credible comprehensive approach,” said David Carter, a sports marketing consultant and executive director of the USC Sports Business Institute. “He’s getting that with the NBA’s initiatives, the Lakers’ global brand and his own international business projects. That’s what sets him apart. Obviously there are a lot of players who could do exactly that, but they lack the athletic prowess that Kobe has. You have to have the entire package.”With that, Bryant has impassioned a loyal legion that cries and screams at his mere arrival, making his popularity here in Los Angeles seemingly pale in comparison. So many emotions stir whenever Kobe Bryant visits China.One Chinese fan interviewed on live television last year cried uncontrollably moments after seeing the Lakers star in person.Press photos of Bryant’s public appearances in China capture crowds up to 25,000 people surrounding him, shouting his name, asking for autographs and hoping to touch what they consider greatness.And the videos of Bryant’s basketball clinics in China show the fans there listening attentively and watching observingly. center_img The Lakers have traveled to China this week for a pair of exhibition games against the Golden State Warriors in Beijing (Tuesday) and Shanghai (Friday), a trip where the team will see first hand that Bryant’s star power elicits reactions well beyond “M-V-P” chants at Staples Center.“It’s harder for me to walk around here than in the states,” Bryant told reporters Monday in China. “In the States, you get a lot of recognition. They say, ‘Hi.’ They want autographs and pictures. But here, it’s uncontrollable. They rush you and surround you to the point where you can’t go out.”Some already caught a glimpse. Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni, a former assistant coach for the U.S. men’s basketball team, witnessed the buzz Bryant attracted during opening ceremonies for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. “All you could hear was ‘Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!’ ” D’Antoni said. “That was pretty cool. I think it really ticked off LeBron (James) and those other guys.”last_img read more

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Brand South Africa collaborates with academia on the future of marketing education

first_imgA Brand South Africa presentation at a recent gathering of marketing academics highlighted the importance of the relationship between nation branding and future of marketing education at tertiary institutions. At a gathering of marketing academia and marketing research professionals at Unisa in Pretoria on 15 and 16 August 2017, Brand South Africa presented an overview of the organisation’s work and how it could assist in developing the future of marketing education in South Africa. (Image: Unisa)CD AndersonAn academic collaboration programme hosted by Unisa’s Department of Marketing and Retail Management was held on 15 and 16 August 2017 in Pretoria. The conference gathered together representatives from 12 South African tertiary institutions, and one from Uganda. Also attending were representatives from Services Seta, various marketing councils, and academic research organisations.The purpose of the programme was to discuss and debate the challenges of marketing education in South Africa. The ultimate goal, through a series of presentations and panel discussions, was to collaborate on a way forward to solving these challenges and ensure the future of the marketing discipline was healthy and successful.Brand South Africa was part of the programme and presented the keynote address on the organisation’s mandate of promoting the country’s reputation at home and abroad, as well highlighting the organisation’s various projects.Opening the gathering, Professor MT Mogale, executive dean of Unisa’s College of Economic and Management Sciences, spoke about ensuring a stable future for the marketing industry through education. The main prerogative of tertiary institutions and marketing educators, he said, was to create employment and turn out strong professional specialists in the industry. “Key goals were training and innovation,” Mogale added, “in order to compete on a global level.”“We need to train and nurture true innovators in the industry – boundary pushers and entrepreneurs who are not only employable but who also can create employment,” Mogale said.He added that the foundation for that ideal lay in the development of stronger curriculums at higher learning institutions.  “Educators and academics need to look to future, plan and design a curriculum that is forward-thinking and progressive.”The gathering at Unisa was an opportunity to share ideas on how that can be achieved, Mogale continued, adding that promoting the importance of academic study and finding practical ways to change administrative procedures that would include all South Africans would go a long way to reflecting a true national identity. “I truly wish you all a productive meeting here at one of South Africa’s significant institutions of higher learning,” Mogale concluded.Brand South Africa’s keynote address was presented by Chief Marketing Officer Linda Sangaret.Following an overview of the organisation’s work, its role in reputation building for the country domestically and globally, Sangaret also highlighted Brand South Africa’s various programmes that take “good news” messaging to South Africans. These included the Play Your Part and Brand Ambassador initiatives, as well as the Global South Africans project that focuses on South Africans living and working abroad helping build nation identity around the world with an eye to boosting the country’s economic competitiveness.Sangaret also emphasised the importance of research in Brand South Africa’s work. “We deal in facts not clichés. Research is the core of our work as an organisation,” she said, adding that effectively measuring the successes of nation branding helped focus on better marketing strategies and programmes.Sangaret also highlighted the hugely successful Brand South Africa Master Class initiatives. The organisation regularly gathers government, corporate and media leaders and trendsetters to get a full overview of the concepts of nation branding and country reputation management – covering elements such as research, new programme developments and global branding trends. The Master Classes, Sangaret said, also presented a practical opportunity to tertiary institutions and in particular, marketing facilities, to learn the ins and outs of brand marketing on a national scale.“Master Classes present a unified image and message of the country, backed by strong research and focussed programmes… [the idea] could be beneficial to marketing education, and especially students, as future leaders in the industry, to understand citizen value and the effects of strong nation branding,” Sangaret concluded.The Unisa collaboration programme also included presentations and discussions on topics such as the Africanisation of marketing education, marketing in informal markets and effectively developing an entrepreneurial mind-set in the industry.Source: Brand South Africa, Unisa Department of Marketing and Retail Management Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

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S-noilite® 17 Inches Women Ladies Bleach Blonde One Piece Long Curly 3/4 Full Head Clip in Hair Extensions : Great hair for the price

first_imgI love this product, but it was quite heavy on my hair and one of the clips has started to undo so i’ll have to sew it back up. Other than that, they’re good hair extensions. Would maybe buy two for more volume but really great. Would maybe buy two for more volume but really great. I love this product, but it was quite heavy on my hair and one of the clips has started to undo so i’ll have to sew it back up. Other than that, they’re good hair extensions. Way better than i expected for the price, very thick hair too. Although my hair is naturally super thick itself so i may have to purchase another just to help blend but deffo 100% recommend. Would maybe buy two for more volume but really great!Definitely worth buying!I love this productS-noilite® 17 Inches Women Ladies Bleach Blonde One Piece Long Curly 3/4 Full Head Clip in Hair Extensions (Bleach Blonde)The curly hair extensions is 17″ long,Colour:Bleach BlondeWeight:140g, length:17″ Width:9″ ,100% best quality synthetic materialsHarmless To Hair,Soft Touching,Tangel Free,can be washed but can NOT be curled or dyedPackage included: 1 piece Curly hairpieces (5 clips)Location:Southend On Sea,United Kingdom, send by Royal Mail 1st class (1-2 business days) Would maybe buy two for more volume but really great. Would maybe buy two for more volume but really great. Way better than i expected for the price, very thick hair too. Although my hair is naturally super thick itself so i may have to purchase another just to help blend but deffo 100% recommend.last_img read more

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Opponents of Bill 21 seek leave to appeal decision that maintained secularism

first_imgMONTREAL — Groups opposed to Quebec’s secularism law are seeking to appeal a court decision that found it wasn’t necessary to suspend certain provisions of the law.Last Thursday, the Quebec Superior Court ruled that Bill 21 would continue to apply in full until a challenge of the law could be heard on it merits.The provincial law, which came into effect in June, bans some public sector workers, including teachers and police officers, from wearing religious symbols on the job.On the steps of the Quebec Court of Appeal in Montreal today, two organizations opposed to the law announced they had filed a motion seeking leave to appeal on Monday.Justice Michel Yergeau ruled last week that the applicants had failed to demonstrate harm warranting a stay, but National Council of Canadian Muslims’ executive director Mustafa Faarooq argues that people are being affected by the law now and it must be stopped.Bill 21 invokes the notwithstanding clause of the Canadian Constitution, which prevents citizens from challenging the law for violating fundamental rights and liberties protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.The lawyers who challenged the legislation went beyond the charter arguments, arguing the law is unconstitutional because it encroaches on federal jurisdiction, it is impermissibly vague and it violates citizens’ rights to participate in their democratic institutions.On Tuesday, other organizations including the World Sikh Council and B’nai Brith Canada said they are considering seeking intervener status to join the National Council of Canadian Muslims and Canadian Civil Liberties Association in the case.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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first_img“When we heard the announcement last year about Netflix committing to $250 million dollars to film development in Canada, we really wanted to find a way to be a part of that,” Wilson says. Facebook Twitter Advertisement Login/Register With: Inside Out — the largest LGBTQ film festival in Canada and third largest in the world — kicks off tonight with the immensely anticipated Elton John biopic Rocketman. And while the high-profile nature of that film (along with other titles at the festival, like an episode of Netflix’s Tales of the City reboot and Nisha Ganatra-Mindy Kaling collab Late Night) is certainly impressive, what’s intrigued me the most about Inside Out as of late is its aggressive new strategies to propel the future of LGBTQ storytelling in this country forward.Alongside a short film pitch competition, Inside Out now has the world’s only LGBTQ film financing forum, which brings together Canadian and international feature film projects with a bunch of industry folks who can help develop them. And earlier this month, Inside Out made headlines when they announced they are entering a four-year partnership with Netflix “in support of LGBTQ filmmakers in Canada.”It’s a development that Andria Wilson — entering her third year as the festival’s executive director — is clearly very thrilled about when we sit down a few days before Inside Out begins.center_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Advertisement Rocketman is opening the festival this year. (Inside Out)last_img read more


Legislation introduced to address growing number of orphaned wells in BC

first_img“We are taking action to deal with the growing number of orphaned well sites by cleaning them up, as well as preventing this from happening in the future,” said Mungall. “Industry will continue to be responsible for their activities, as we provide additional tools for the BC Oil and Gas Commission to protect the environment.”The levy will be set by the BC Oil and Gas Commission board, with Treasury Board approval.Other amendments to the OGAA will increase the commission’s authority to protect public safety and recover the costs associated with these activities. For example, the OGC would be able to establish roadblocks, if necessary, when dealing with an emergency, and recover the cost of those activities from the permit holder responsible for the situation. Other amendments would improve the commission’s operations and strengthen their capacity to manage heritage resources. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Minister Michelle Mungall has introduced legislation that, if enacted, would oversee improved restoration of orphaned oil and gas wells in B.C.If approved by the legislature, Bill 15, the Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Statutes Amendment Act, 2018, will amend the Oil and Gas Activities Act and the Petroleum and Natural Gas Act. Amendments to the OGAA would improve funding for orphan site restoration by replacing the current tax structure with a levy to be paid into an industry-funded program that addresses the cost of restoration and environmental clean-up. Additional amendments would also limit orphan sites by granting the commission the ability to require permit holders to conduct restoration work on inactive sites.The BC Oil and Gas Commission would also have the power to refuse permit requests if parties had a history of non-compliance.last_img read more

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Man thrown from vehicle and killed in rollover crash north of Wonowon

first_imgWONOWON, B.C. – One man is dead after a single-vehicle crash occurred off the Alaska Highway north of Wonowon on Sunday evneing.Constable Chad Neustaeter with the Fort St. John RCMP said that officers and BC Ambulance Service crews were called out to a single vehicle rollover on the Mile 109 Road, three kilometres from the turnoff to the Alaska Highway, at around 8:00 p.m.The crash involved a single red 2007 Volkswagen Golf with two occupants; a 41-year-old female driver and a 32-year-old male passenger. Cst. Neustaeter said that officers believe the man was ejected from the vehicle during the collision and was declared dead at the scene. The family of the deceased have been notified, his identity has not been released.The woman was taken by ambulance to the Fort St John Regional Hospital for an assessment and was released shortly thereafter.The Fort St John RCMP is imploring all drivers and passengers to properly wear their seatbelts, which are proven to save lives.Police say that alcohol is believed to have been a contributing factor, but the collision remains under investigation.If anyone witnessed the collision, has any dash cam video, or observed the vehicle’s driving behaviour prior to the crash, they are asked to contact the Fort St John RCMP at 250-787-8100. If you wish to remain anonymous call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or submit a tip online at read more

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Qureshi Swaraj likely to interact during SCO meeting in Kyrgyzstan

first_imgIslamabad: Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and her Indian counterpart Sushma Swaraj are likely to interact during the upcoming meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) in Kyrgyzstan later this month, a top Pakistani official said Thursday.”The two foreign ministers would be present in the meeting and in all likelihood would interact amongst themselves and with other leaders,” Foreign Office spokesman Mohammad Faisal told the media here. Also Read – 2019 most peaceful festive season for J&K: Jitendra SinghBut he hastened to clarify that “no formal meeting is, however, envisaged”. The SCO Ministerial meeting will take place in Kyrgyzstan on May 21-22. The economic and security grouping was founded at a summit in Shanghai in 2001 by the presidents of Russia, China, Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. India and Pakistan became its members in 2017. In September, India called off a meeting between Swaraj and Qureshi at the UN citing the release of postal stamps “glorifying” a Kashmiri militant by Pakistan as one of the reasons. Also Read – Personal life needs to be respected: Cong on reports of Rahul’s visit abroadThe Indo-Pak tensions escalated in recent months after a terror attack in Pulwama by Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed terror group that killed 40 CRPF soldiers on February 14 and a subsequent aerial strike by India on a JeM training camp in Balakot on February 26. On February 27, the Pakistan Air Force retaliated by unsuccessfully targeting several military installations in Jammu and Kashmir. In the dogfight, Pakistan downed a MiG-21 Bison jet and captured an IAF pilot, who was handed over to India on March 1. Faisal also alleged that India was “causing an arms race in the region”. “India has been trying to bring the region into an arms race. Let me say that an increase in the defence budget is not the sole determinant of a nation’s strength,” he said.last_img read more

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Buckeyes hold tight grip on No 1 seed but 3 remaining top

While it’s clear the Ohio State men’s basketball team (24-0, 11-0 Big Ten) is a front-runner for the NCAA Tournament’s top seed, there’s still much debate about who will get the three remaining No. 1 spots. The Big East, arguably the nation’s deepest and most competitive conference, has seven teams ranked No. 16 or better in The Associated Press‘ Top 25 poll. According to CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm, six of those teams are still in the running for a No. 1 seed in the big dance. “You got three spots up for grabs and nine teams that could grab it still,” Palm told The Lantern. “Maybe more than nine, because you probably got half a dozen in the Big East alone.” Fourth-ranked Pittsburgh (22-2), No. 8 Notre Dame (19-4), No. 9 Villanova (19-4), No. 10 Connecticut (18-4), No. 11 Georgetown (18-5) and No. 12 Syracuse (20-4) can all win their way to the top of a regional bracket, Palm said. “You got half a dozen teams that are capable of playing at that level and making the kind of run that it would take,” Palm said. “In my bracket, I have six Big East teams in the top 13.” Pittsburgh’s road to a No. 1 seed got a little harder after its leading scorer Ashton Gibbs injured his left knee in Saturday’s win against Cincinnati. The 6-foot-2 junior guard is averaging 16.3 points per game while shooting 46.3 percent from 3-point range. He’s expected to miss up to two weeks. However, Gibbs’ absence didn’t stop the Panthers from beating West Virginia on the road in their “Backyard Brawl” rivalry game, 71-66, on Monday. Big 12 teams Kansas (23-1) and Texas (20-3) hold the No. 2 and No. 3 ranks, respectively. Palm said while Kansas is the least accomplished team in the top four, it still deserves its ranking. Texas has already beaten Kansas in their only scheduled meeting of the season Jan. 22, though they may meet again in the conference tournament. If they do, it’s possible that a No. 1 tournament seed will be on the line, along with a Big 12 Championship. Fifth-ranked Duke also remains in the running for a top seed, and has a favorable schedule ahead. The Blue Devils don’t play another ranked team until North Carolina on March 5, their last game of the regular season. Palm said he doesn’t believe OSU will finish its regular season undefeated, but it would take a string of losses to cost the team a No. 1 seed. He pointed to Saturday’s road game at No. 13 Wisconsin (17-5, 7-3 Big Ten) and the Feb. 20 contest at No. 14 Purdue (19-5, 8-3 Big Ten) as the toughest games remaining on the Buckeyes’ schedule. OSU coach Thad Matta has never won a game at Wisconsin’s Kohl Center during his tenure at OSU, while Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan is 75-6 there in Big Ten play since he took over for the Badgers. But the Buckeyes have given their best performances against good oppositions, most notably against Florida, Minnesota, Illinois and Purdue. Matta’s players have said all season that they don’t feel the pressure associated with their No. 1 ranking. “To be honest I don’t think we really feel pressure at all because we don’t really talk about it as a team,” senior guard Jon Diebler said. “I think the coaches have done a great job at having that next-game mentality and focusing on the next game at hand.” Fifth-year senior forward David Lighty agreed. “When you start looking too far ahead, that’s when you lose sight of what’s in front of you,” he said, “and you end up losing.” read more

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