Catapult death

first_imgTwo men charged with the manslaughter of a Wadham student have both pleaded not guilty in the latest judicial hearing regarding the tragic event. Appearing at Bristol Crown Court, 44 year old David Aitkenhead, and Richard Wicks, 32, were again released on bail, with no trial date having been set. Kostadin Yankov, a first year biochemistry student, died as a result of injuries sustained when being fired from a human catapult.ARCHIVE: 0th Week MT2003last_img

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A Week of Family Contests Starts on Monday in Ocean City

first_imgThe “July Jubilee” (actually held June 23 to 27) will offer important tests of life skills such as french-fry sculpting, saltwater taffy molding and “Beadamania.”Ocean City’s week-long series of family-oriented contests is a tradition that happens twice a summer. The first week starts Monday, June 23. The second week takes place in August. All events are held at the Ocean City Music Pier (on the boardwalk at Moorlyn Terrace) and each day the events start at 11 a.m.Entry in the contests is free and prizes are awarded. Age divisions include 5-and-under, 6-8, 9-12, teens and adults.The contest schedule is as follows:Monday: Salt Water Taffy Sculpting. Contestants are challenged to create a work of art from taffy donated by Shriver’s. Have you ever seen a Ferris wheel made of taffy?Tuesday: It’s French Fry Sculpting. This category has featured such entries as Elvis, a bouquet of flowers, and a map of the State of New Jersey. The fries are donated by the Promenade Food Court. Also on Tuesday, Leslie Skibo, founder of the Community Art Projects, will receive the IMMY Award, given each year to the person who has used their imagination for positive purposes. Skibo has led the program that has produced outstanding and pleasurable art on city buildings and utility boxes.Wednesday: It’s “That’s the Way The Cookie Crumbles.” Transform a giant cookie into a work of art. There is also a Super Hero Impersonation Contest. Suzanne Muldowney will be honored during the contest for her longtime impersonation of Underdog that marks its 50th anniversary this year.Thursday: Contestants sculpt paper clips, which have resulted in such past entries as the Brooklyn Bridge.Friday: Events wrap up with BEADAMANIA, a new event created by Ray Esterlund, that asks contestants to make artwork out of beads (beads supplied).For information, call the Public Relations Office (609) 525-9300, after hours and on weekends, (609) 364-4010.The July Jubilee leads up to Ocean City’s Independence Day celebration on Friday, July 4. Events include a 9:30 p.m. musical fireworks display fired from a barge at sea off the Music Pier. There will be two bike parades during the day: The South Ocean City Improvement Assn’s colorful event starts 10 a.m. at 40th and Asbury Ave., registration at 9 a.m. The Gardens Civic Assn. Parade starts 10 a.m. with registration 9 a.m. at the Longport Bridge Parking Lot. The annual Air Circus Kite Flying Contest is set for 6 p.m. at the 9th St. Beach.last_img read more

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Partnering for Perfection – Customizing Strategies for a Unique Age

first_imgWhen it comes to implementing digital transformation, most companies naturally focus on the wealth of potential today’s emerging technologies offer them to expand their corporate reach.  But for such a transformation to be truly successful and give organizations the greatest return on their investment, a solid strategy based upon their specific needs is the key to unlocking the power that lies in helping these solutions work together. To achieve this, a solid foundation capable of supporting these new tools is essential. To devise a plan that takes their personal needs into account, they need to find an IT partner who knows how to integrate these new technologies and is capable of helping them orchestrate their individual strengths into a unified goal for tomorrow.Collaboration is the key to creating a successful visionIn the Digital Age, businesses are evolving rapidly, as every organization in every field now essentially offers IT services at its core, from finance to sales, from healthcare to retail, from science to manufacturing. IT has become fully woven into every business model of every company whatever their activities, customers and size, as both B2B and B2C customers are now demanding more in terms of service, capability and outcome.This means that today’s businesses are driven by advances in modern IT to offer their customers the most efficient, personal experiences possible and delivering employees access to the most pertinent information in real-time on which to base their business decisions. This is especially true for enterprise customers and many of the major industries in today’s global marketplace.With this in mind, the success of an IT provider relies on being able to see the potential of digital transformation through the eyes of each individual company. Just as no two business models are alike, the needs of today’s clients are specific to their individual makeup, and emerging technologies are only as potent as their ability to be customized to achieve an organization’s unique vision. A focus on customer satisfaction and sound strategic planning are what makes visionary companies stand out from the crowd.To achieve this, organizations need to trust that their infrastructure is both capable and fluid enough to handle the demands of an ever changing workplace and has the robust datacenter capabilities to support the ever-increasing volumes of data brought to light by such cutting-edge solutions as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality and flexible cloud alternatives.Many of today’s most powerful organizations are both intrigued by the potential of emerging technologies to increase their reach, improve efficiency and focus their workforce – and confused as to which solutions are best suited to deliver the greatest return on investment for their particular needs. At Dell Technologies, our unique ability to deliver products that focus a company’s vision, rather than simply highlighting the technology itself, is what makes us among the most trusted leaders in our field.Evolving to meet the needs of a new workplaceDigital transformation has the power to drive a culture of entrepreneurship, ownership and accountability never before seen in the workplace. But as business models change, jobs take on new responsibilities and the workforce grows more tech savvy, the companies who thrive are those who recognize the need to give their employees the most up-to-date tools capable of enabling them to achieve their objectives in a work environment that is growing increasingly more mobile, fluid, collaborative and hyper-connected.To find the spot where cost and efficiency meet power of innovation for a particular customer, this calls for a new type of infrastructure designed not only to provide services, but to promote opportunities to seek out better ways of working. Collaboration, information sharing, mobility and speed of access to information have become the greatest priorities for organizations looking to expand their reach. For the solutions of tomorrow to do their work, they need a sound architecture on which to thrive.As the workforce changes, so have the priorities of today’s workers. Generation Z is now entering the job market fully connected and prepared to stand as ambassadors of technology. They are expected to be as much as 20% of the workforce by 2020.Like myself, they have great interest in Corporate Social Responsibility and are environmentally active, preferring to work for likeminded companies. Hiring and retaining the best and brightest relies heavily on ensuring they have the right tools at their disposal to think in innovative new ways, share ideas with colleagues and do their jobs from anywhere, at any time. For them, teamwork and interaction are essential. To achieve this, smart companies recognize the need to transform.Designing data to deliver new insightsWith data as the new gold, smart organizations are focusing on how best to store, manage, protect and analyze their newfound information and turn it into actionable insights for addressing a quickly changing marketplace. Scalability, dependability and security make up the blueprint for translating data and drawing new connections from a diverse range of sources, from edge to cloud to core.Today’s forward thinking companies want access to the right data in the right place at the right time. Improving an organization’s ability to collect and make sense of their data in near real-time from edge to cloud to core is a key element for staying ahead of its competitors. Greater data integration throughout a company’s structure provides:More reliable data for decision makingIncreased speed to marketFaster ability to integrate acquisitions and modificationsImproved agility, scalability and flexibilityEnhanced analytical potentialExtended customer reachDeveloping a top of the line ecosystem drives business value improves operational efficiency and grows revenue.  It is the heart of any successful digital transformation.When it comes to turning the chaos of digital transformation into customized capability, the Dell EMC sales force uses its tested field experience to fully examine the specifics that make up a customer’s business structure. In this way, we help to devise new ways of implementing the latest technologies to allow organizations to work more efficiently, research new methods for production and operations, intelligently manage data and ultimately streamline corporate IT strategy. In this way, Dell becomes the facilitator for our customers’ success, rather than just another provider.And that is how we like it.last_img read more

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Giving Good this Holiday Season

first_imgSpread the wealth this Holiday season with our 2015 Good Giving Guide!  We’ve teamed up with the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, Appalachian Voices, and the Southern Environmental Law Center to give back to the Blue Ridge area. Make a holiday donation to these deserving non-profits by clicking, here, here or here. Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 3.36.25 PMlast_img

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