Will a price cut and 80000 from Bloomberg save the Ubuntu Edge

first_imgGood news, Ubuntu Edge supporters! The Indiegogo campaign finally chalked up its first $80,000 Enterprise 100 bundle. The bad news: there’s little hope that the remaining $20 million+ can be raised in the final two weeks fundraiser.That the seal is finally broken is undoubtedly good news — and it’s even better when you consider that it was international news outlet Bloomberg LP that made the pledge. Having a high profile partner on board is always a good thing, but is it enough to spark a full-blown rally?Even if Canonical manages to fill the remaining 49 Enterprise slots, it’s still got an additional $16 million to make up. It also has to be raised in less time than the first $8.5 million was raised. It’s a Herculean task, to be sure.Funding campaigns like the one for the Edge typically start out hot. Enthusiastic supporters tend to get on board early. It took just 12 hours for the Edge to rake in more than $3 million. One the flip side, it’s now been more than two weeks (or around 336 hours) … and the project has yet to break the $10 million barrier. There’s still time left, of course, and it’s possible that other corporate types will follow Bloomberg’s lead. As I mentioned before, however, that won’t be enough.Maybe a price cut will provide a boost. Canonical has chopped a couple hundred dollars off the Ubuntu Edge perk. It now sits at $695, just $95 more than the initial round of 5,000 phones were reserved for. Then again, that’s a lot of cash to part with for a phone that you won’t see until mid-2014 — and won’t ever see if the funding goal isn’t met.Both Canonical and founder Mark Shuttleworth have said they won’t swoop in at the final hour to save the campaign, either. The corporate stance is “If we don’t reach our target there won’t be an Ubuntu Edge.”At this point, that’s what’s going to happen. Open Analytics shared its projections with The Guardian, and they peg the final tally at somewhere between $18 and $22 million — still well short of the goal. Even with a massive spike in donations come crunch time, the Ubuntu Edge looks like it has a snowball’s chance of becoming reality.last_img read more

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