Reinier: “I am studying Spanish on WhatsApp and with series”

first_imgJardine He said that on the last day they would play the least minutes they had in the first two: “We have not spoken anything. I am prepared for the case of having another opportunity as a starter. I know that my teammates are too, I see them very strong on the day a day”.Pedrinho Substitute: “My position is further back, in the center of the field, but I can also do false 9. I was able to go down a little to help Igor Gomes when he entered, or Bruno Guimaraes and Matheus Henrique. Where they put me I will do my best and do the best for the team. “When did you hear about ownership: “When the coach gave the lineup. He told me what I had to do and the teammates helped me a lot too.”Physical sensations: “I have had few vacations, fatigue is getting noticed, but it is for happy reasons. I am here, very happy, and I intend to play more and do my best. The previous season was very good.”The Spanish, pending: “I’m also studying a lot, my parents are helping me a lot. It’s quite difficult being here, I’m studying on WhatsApp with a teacher that I hired and sends me homework. Also watching series, which helps a lot. And with calls with my father, who lived in Spain and knows a little. Little by little I learn. (In Spanish, at the request of a journalist) I am very happy. I know that Madrid is the best club. Languages ​​help in communication in the field and also in the lifetime”.Peers awaiting your future: “People know that it is a very complicated time because you have things outside and that you think here too. I know that my teammates, like me, are focused on the team since they were summoned. I know that my teammates are also just thinking about about here. “Moving to Spain: “My father lived there, played football there and helps me a lot with the language. My mother is also learning. I think we will be very happy there.” Decisive against Bolivia: “My performance was good. The most important thing is to help the team get the victory. We played well. Bolivia played an excellent game, as against Uruguay. We fell a bit in their game, transition, speed, but the most important thing is that we got the victory and the classification. “Heel Assistance: “I give enough assists, I have always liked it, since I was little. I did not do it as an artistic, but effective, as it turned out because it ended in goal. I am happy for that pass, for the goal I did, in which he assisted me Paulinho after a play by Antony, and as I said, especially for qualifying. “Preferences in the field: “My way of playing is cheerful, with a lot of first touches, with enough intelligence. I have said many times that I am not a dribble player, one on one, but more intelligence, who likes to play one or two touches. That’s my football, also with great joy, to help the team. “ Reinier (18 years old) premiered as a headline in the Pre-Olympic, with a semi-resistance and a goal in the win against Bolivia (5-3). The CBF He took advantage of his great moment to choose him to attend the media in Colombia.Protagonism in the Spanish media: “I have seen some texts in Spanish newspapers. I am happy about it, but as I said my attention is here. That is what my staff, my father and my mother already take care of. My concentration is here, in the Pre-Olympic, to get the qualification for the games”.last_img read more

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