Xbox One CPU speed increased to 175GHz

first_imgAbout a month ago we learned that Microsoft had managed to upgrade the speed of the Xbox One GPU by a pretty meager 53MHz, meaning it now runs at 853MHz. Although small, every little helps in a console that’s expected to be on sale for the next decade. And now Microsoft has confirmed the CPU is also getting a speed boost before launch.The AMD 8-core CPU the Xbox One uses is running at 1.6GHz inside the dev units, but the launch model will ship with the same chip running at 1.75GHz–a much larger (albeit only 150MHz) speed jump than the GPU could handle.We don’t know how this compares to the PS4 CPU clock speed as Sony hasn’t announced how fast it runs. The PS4 is thought to include a better GPU anyway, and with Sony not announcing how fast it or the CPU runs, they can choose to up the speed before launch and not even mention it if they wish. They may not have to if they look at the Xbox One speed upgrades and still believe the PS4 is faster.What is the knock on effect of increasing the CPU speed beyond a performance bump? Heat. Microsoft has already explained that instead of overheating the Xbox One will just get louder and slower. I’d imagine this means the Xbox One that ships in November may be ever so slightly louder under load, but it will only slow down if a game really pushes it to the limit.We still don’t know a release date for the Xbox One, but it is expected to be after November 8. There’s also nothing else Microsoft can really upgrade after having confirmed the RAM used will remain at 8GB.last_img read more

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