The Shandong cuisine is an experience itself Just

first_imgThe Shandong cuisine is an experience itself! Just as the scenery of Shandong cannot be described in only one word, Shandong cuisine with its various flavors is also difficult to describe. There are two major styles, the Jinan style featured in the use of soup, and Jiaodong style characterized by seafood dishes with light tastes. The Shandong cuisine tries to keep the freshness of the ingredients and is fond of salt flavor featured with tender, savory and crisp. Some of the most famous dishes are Dezhou Grilled Duck, Four Joy Meatballs and Eight Treasures Stuffed Chicken in Milk Soup. Shandong is also a very good place to experience unique features. Especially beer lovers shouldn’t miss the Qingdao International Beer Festival which is held in August every year. The event is famous for artistic parades, “Beer Carnival” games, music. On the other hand wine lovers should visit Yantai which has several well-known wine brands and beautiful chateaus. As for traditional craftworks, the kite in Weifang has a long history. Visitors should take the chance to take part in the annual Weifang International Kite helps you also to create your own personalized tour where all your wishes will be respected. Have a look at the new webpage of and find out more about other available one-city and multiple-city tours!Welcome to Shandong Province in China!ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map There is much to explore in Shandong Province and there are five different categories of themed tours of which visitors can choose from:– Beach & Sun– Confucius Culture– Mount Tai– Shandong Cuisine– Local Experience There is something for every taste! Shandong is a coastal province with a gorgeous seascape. People love visiting this place as it is blessed with beautiful sea views. Beach lovers therefore like to travel to Qingdao, which is also known as Switzerland of Orient and has the largest bathing beach in Asia. Everyone enjoys the mild waves, gentle wind and the blue sea. Yantai, which is located in the north-eastern part of Shandong, has its own unique charm as a coastal town. A promenade here is absolutely fabulous for walking, chatting and just having a rest. There is another very beautiful place called Weihai and located in the east part of the Shandong province. The picturesque scenery here has earned the city acclaim by the United Nations which lists it as one of the most inhabitable places in the world. Confucius Culture can be experienced in Qufu, which is the hometown of Confucius. It is also considered as one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization and visitors can get an impression of the ancient China. Qufu is mostly renowned for the Cemetery of Confucius, the Temple of Confucius, which is the second largest historical building complex in China, and the Kong Family Mansion, which have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. In addition, the Qufu International Confucius Cultural Festival amazes and entertains visitors by its large-scale, commemorative and sacrificial activities as well as by the performances in honour of Confucius. A wonderful and impressing experience will be to climb the top of Mount Tai in Tai’an and watch the sunrise. Mount Tai is the leader of the “Five Sacred Mountains” and one of the most beautiful scenery and imperial history. In ancient times the emperors climbed the mountain to pray to heaven and earth or their ancestors in order to ascend the throne. Also lots of poets and artists got their inspiration from this gorgeous place.On the way to the top of the mountain, there are historical temples and monuments which are worth to see. Especially the Dai Temple is a most stop on every pilgrim on the way to the top. And for sport interested persons, the annually held Mount Tai International Mountain Climbing Festival is a must-see. It has become a large-scale touristic festival and has high popularity and prestige in China. 5% on Hotels and Flights However, the province has many other interesting cities to offer which are definitely worth to visit. Moreover Shandong is a province full of history. Here is where Confucius grew up and three centuries later in 219 BC China’s first emperor Qin Shi Huang climbed Shandong’s highest peak to proclaim a unified empire.Recently, Shandong Tourism Administration promote Shandong inbound tour globally. Travelers can choose from a variety of offers such as Themed Tours, Car Rental Service, Flights and Hotels with great sales deals online. Shandong Province is located in the eastern part of China. The Province offers breathtaking attractions and a wonderful culture to explore. 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