Robot uses 32 actuators and custom C code to dance to Gangnam

first_imgWith more than 500 million views on YouTube, Gangnam Style has earned itself a permanent spot in viral video history. In three short months it became one of the top five most viewed YouTube videos of all time. Add in the many other identical videos of the same song and you’ll probably eventually hit one billion views.Of course this means one thing and one thing only — the flood of copycats, imitations, and parodies is inevitable. It takes something especially quirky or fascinating to really draw the attention of the online video-watching public in the vast sea of videos trying to grab onto some of that Gangnam Style gold.And sometimes a human just isn’t up to the task. Enter CHARLI-2, a robot who apparently is also unable to resist the urge to get up and dance when it hears the recognizable Korean pop beat. Complete with cowboy-style lassoing and galloping gyrations, the humanoid contraption mimics the dance moves with perfect precision.The history of musically-inclined robots is surprisingly vast and varied. Creations that could give CHARLI-2 a run for its money are things like the intoxicatingly viral breakdancing robot and the very well-balanced dancing bot Sacros. Then of course there was the Creepy singing robot.When he isn’t getting his groove on, CHARLI-2 actually has designs on a more important task. Built by Virginia Tech scientists, the robot could soon be working on board Navy ships as an automated assistant to extinguish fires and respond to other emergency alerts. There’s nothing wrong with gaining a little fame before that, though.last_img read more

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