How to use Facebooks new Timeline profile to see who has unfriended

first_imgClick on a year from the left-hand side of your Timeline.Locate your “Friends” box (pictured above). For me, it was located on the right-hand of the two columns. You basically have to scroll through the timeline until you see a box marked “Friends.”Here, you’ll see a link that says “Made x New Friends.” Click the link and scroll down.Under “Added Friends,” (pictured below) you’ll see all the people you made friends with that year. If you’re still friends on Facebook, you’ll see a little check next to the word “Friends.” If you’re not, you’ll see the “+1 Add Friend” button. If you don’t remember unfriending the person, it means that the person unfriended you. There was probably a time when the number of Facebook friends you had was reasonably small, like 40 or 50. Over the social networking site’s six-year-long life span most of us have added a great deal more friends and few people know their exact number of Facebookers we’ve connected with. In the days when we knew our friend number, it was not only easy to tell if someone unfriended us, but also who that person was.Nowadays you’ll most likely never realize if someone unfriends you; and if you do, it’s unlikely that you’ll figure out who it was. However the new Facebook Timeline, which is designed to act as a scrapbook of your life, is capable of unveiling the people who have unfriended you.As we mentioned earlier, the Timeline is only available for developers right now, but we did show you step-by-step how to set up a developers account and enable Timeline. For those of you who did that, you can follow the steps below to see who has unfriended you over the years. The best part about this is that you probably had no idea that you weren’t Facebook friends with the person you thought you’d been e-friends with since freshman year of college. Also, you can view other people’s Timelines and see how many of their friends unfriended them each year. This can be a major blow to your reputation, man.For those of you who enabled the developer’s version of Timeline, have you noticed any friends who you’re no longer friends with?via BuzzFeedlast_img read more

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