August 19 2009 To continue the report from

first_imgAugust 19, 2009 To continue the report from 7/24: The formwork of the retaining wall has been removed. Next step is to have the floor of this heat duct tunnel extension raised and leveled. Here we see three workshop participants bringing in filler, which will be used to level the ground in preparation for a slab pour. [photo & text: Anna Tran] The filler helped level the ground creating just the right slope and foundation for pouring the concrete slab onto it. Another form was built at the end of the retaining wall to frame in this first part of the floor slab. [photo & text: Anna Tran] The new form has been completed for the base of the heat duct tunnel. The next stage involves pouring the concrete slab. Here we see part of the crew preparing and mixing the concrete early in the morning. [photo & text: Anna Tran] Volunteers made sure the framework is in ready shape before the concrete is poured down the chute. A slab pour is now in progress. We will continue this report with more photos on Friday 8/21/09. [photo & text: Anna Tran]last_img read more

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