Fans loved the subtle tribute to Lionel Messi from adidas, but did you notice it?

first_imgLoving the #adidas advertising boards saying GOAT #leomessi— Luke Robinson (@whakataneluke) June 16, 2018 Btw we all saw the GOAT ad for adidas during the game right? Hope someone in stadium got a good picture of it— Allison (@Allison) June 16, 2018 1 the adidas goat ad singlehandedly cheering me up, thank u— quel (@ofcutthroatilk) June 16, 2018 The Adidas GOAT animation around the side of the pitch, SO GOOD.— Scott (@_scottwittmann) June 16, 2018 Football fans loved adidas’ subtle tribute to Argentina star Lionel Messi during the Group C game with Iceland.The Barcelona star is often described as the ‘Greatest Of All Time’ (GOAT) and popular American magazine Paper even referenced in a recent photo shoot.And adidas, who sponsor Messi, made sure to remind fans just who they consider the GOAT to be.The electronic hoardings surrounding the pitch showed animated goats running around the pitch during the game at random intervals.To hammer home their point, they made the goats disappear and simply replaced them with the phrase, ‘Greatest Of All Time’. We gotta talk about adidas’ 🔥🔥 sideboard ad with “G.O.A.T.” and emoji goats for Messi— Ryan Rosenblatt (@RyanRosenblatt) June 16, 2018center_img Did someone notice that Adidas Goat Ad at the #ARGISL #FIFAWorldCup 🔥🔥🔥— Freshoutthebad 🔥 (@HumphreyWins) June 16, 2018 Fans across the globe are divided over who is better, with Ronaldo potentially firing shots at his Argentinean counterpart on Friday night Loving the subtle Adidas GOAT advertisement.— Rahul W (@rahulw_) June 16, 2018 After Cristiano Ronaldo’s incredible performance for Portugal during their 3-3 draw with Spain on Friday night, fans have been at loggerheads trying to determine just who is the better player.In fact, there was intense speculation Ronaldo’s celebration after the first of his three goals was actually a message to his Barcelona and Ballon d’Or rival.With adidas keen to fire back a message of their own, the animation was spotted by several watching fans, who found it ‘adorable’ and ‘satisfying’ in equal measure.Check out the best reaction below! Seeing the Adidas GOAT ads on the sideboards while Messi plays is satisfying AF— Hopeson Sel (@TruElectro) June 16, 2018last_img read more

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