2016 monkey theme of the Spring Festival couplets

Spring Festival every family must paste Spring Festival couplets, a variety of parties will also have a new year’s eve. The following is recommended for you in the 2016 Spring Festival couplets, many monkey theme couplets for your new year.



couplet: monkey Qisui party, allied: green willow urged spring.

couplet: Shanghai Mei Xianrui, allied: monkey snow Mega years.

couplet: sheep with fresh air from the second line of a couplet: monkey chant splendid spring.

A: Ziyan wings Teng, monkey climbing on the second line of a couplet.

couplet: snow fire outside the green, the second line of a couplet: monkey to the earth in spring.

A: sheep dance is a monkey, allied: Yin caiyuanlai.

A: noisy birds and monkeys crying: under the curtain.

popular seven words together:

Yuyang Pentium source Wang, monkey mouth Rui strong spring.

Wuyang Xian Rui increased longevity, 000 Houming spring xiyingmen.

Add brush jade ornament, golden monkey bar drum treasures.

Golden Monkey rise the golden cudgel, Yuyu clarification Wanli.

2016 Spring Festival couplets collection here, will add a bit of festive atmosphere for your new year. Use concise words to express the antithesis neat new year wishes.

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