Tower pot to join the project choose soup pan legendary chef

do not know when you out for dinner is not will fall into such an embarrassing situation, ask you what to eat when someone says that he wants to have the appetite Hot pot, want to eat buffet, there are people like Western-style food. It is embarrassing Tastes differ all tastes., ah? It doesn’t matter, now there is a kind of food project called tower pot, help you break this embarrassing situation. Tower pot just came out, it is favored by many consumers. The legendary chef baking pot soup, four delicious options, to meet different consumer needs.

tower pot accumulation of wealth is not interested in unsolicited

gourmet market has always been the accumulation of competition, want to have a good development is not easy. Tower pot to meet the tastes of more people choose, this is the advantage of investment made. The legendary chef health soup pan Wang combined with technological innovation and business innovation, the new variety of food items, Hot pot Shabu, barbecue, steamed and eat together, a tower pot, can rinse roast, boiling hot.

will be the mainstream of the food delicious pot, soup pot roast chef legendary King y meet the demand of people for the food and beverage, will become nowadays the most popular dining formats. A chef with legendary health pot pot tower, who will go to eat Hot pot, boiling and baking it, so, the traditional catering industry, will be replaced by the legendary chef more health pot.

chef legend health soup baking pan tower pot is divided into four layers, the first layer is Hot pot layer, second city of Shabu layer, the third layer is the fourth layer is a layer of barbecue, steamed with one layer, electric heating device exclusive research and development, the principle of heat conduction and convection steam ". Through the special hollow tube, the heat conduction to the" floor ", the" central heating, multifunctional restaurant dining, a variety of hierarchical pattern of "meta pot cooking skills, nutrition delicious combination of four layer to achieve a healthy fashion the perfect mix of


not only taste good, tastes, but also has good health effects, here, is to eat healthy, delicious, nutrition health soup chef! Legend pan tower magic pot, soup roast expert, a soup pot, four kinds of experience, so you get a better body hitherto unknown experience. Is so classic, is so happy!

modern people love the pursuit of new ideas, can not be missed in food. The legendary chef health soup pan Wang, magic soup roast expert, a soup pot, four kinds of experience, let you get the best experience hitherto unknown. This is the classic, is so happy! A pot, bring a variety of delicious choices, is your weapon to success.

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