How to open shop in Hamburg in Henan

western style fast food in our country is the first manifestation of the emergence of Hamburg, think about how to eat a hamburger when a child, when the time to eat a hamburger must be in this lifetime. But reputation. Hamburger shops are everywhere now, and hamburgers are no longer so rare. Henan is an ancient and modern place, Hamburg began very popular in this old place, more and more people have accepted the Western delicacy, and with the development of Henan’s economy, the concept of consumers changing, hamburger will become very popular, so Henan Hamburg joined

prospects how?

how about a hamburger shop in Henan?

Henan economic development is good

Henan is the core component of the Central Plains Economic zone. After 30 years of reform and opening up, Henan’s economy not only has basically completed the transition from planned economy to market economy, and is the important transformation from traditional agriculture to economic subject to the emerging industry for economic subject. Henan has become the fifth largest economy in china. Henan’s economy will grow better and better in the future, the economic situation is very good.

market demand

with the development of economy, people’s living standard is rising, more the pursuit of quality of life, for Hamburg such people will have more delicacy, needs a hamburger embodies itself is a kind of high quality of life, and is also a kind of fast food hamburger, more in line with people’s rhythm of life and life needs.

investment market good


burger market is mainly western big brands, in the current business environment, everyone has a lot of money, more and more people are love investment, but the face of big brands such as Macdonald Kendl Ki, they are not investment, so, so many medium and small investors are in urgent need of a join rates are relatively low in Hamburg to join the brand investment, the market is very considerable.

can be seen from the above analysis, the prospect of joining the Henan Hamburg is still very good, is a very worthwhile investment in the direction of joining


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