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The spatial pattern of

underwear store is complex and diverse, each operator can choose and design according to their actual needs. General is to determine the general planning, such as the salesperson’s space, the customer’s space and the proportion of each of the commodity space, divided into regions, and then make changes, the specific display of goods.

(a) underwear store three spaces. There are a variety of types of stores, the spatial pattern is varied, it seems difficult to find the law of spatial segmentation. In fact, it is only three changes of spatial combination results, like a kaleidoscope, although it is with countless changes, a few pieces of coloured paper mobile location results. Therefore, the three space is closely related to the spatial pattern of the store.

commodity space: refers to the place where the underwear products are displayed, such as box type, platform type, frame type and so on.

shop space: refers to the place where the clerk receives the customer and engages in the relevant work. There are two conditions: first, confusion with the customer space, one is separated from the customer space.

customer space: refers to the customer to visit, choose and buy underwear goods place, according to the different goods, can be divided into stores, stores and internal and external combination of three forms.

(two) underwear store space pattern of the four forms. According to the number of goods, types, sales and so on, the three space can be organically combined to form a monopoly store space pattern of the four forms.

contact type store: commodity space adjacent to the street, customers in the streets to buy underwear items, the clerk in the store for service, through the commodity space will be separated from the customer and the clerk.

closed shop: commodity space, customer space and store space all in the underwear store, the commodity space will be separated from the customer space and store space.

closed, around the store: three all the space in the shop, customers are free to choose, roaming underwear products, is actually open shelf sales. This type can have a certain amount of space, but also no specific store space.

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