n the six skills in front of friends for buffet chowhound

Xiaobian think the world’s most tangled thing is delicious in front of their own, but because of fear of fat without the courage of the mouth, especially when eating buffet, money spent, but did not dare to eat more. This is a big life, how to break? Six tips to teach you to eat more fat in front of the buffet.

in front of friends for buffet chowhound six skills of

tip 1: use a small plate

reason is very simple, put an end to the eyes of a small appetite for small embarrassment. If you always use a large plate, you may unknowingly take too much food, do not eat small, heat explosion big ah. Recommend you to girl dishes with a small dish, so that it will not take too much time, also is a daughter of a humble family ~

tip 2: start eating vegetables from

start eating vegetables, it can inhibit the rapid rise in blood sugar problems, which can improve their fat metabolism, but also inhibit the slow decomposition of fat secretion of insulin. In addition to the buffet, the habit of eating vegetables should be developed in peacetime oh.

tip 3: do not forget to drink soup

warm soup can warm the abdomen, slow down your appetite. If you don’t want to start eating too much, can drink a bowl of hot soup. The best time to eat soup is between meals and ~

tip 4: with each other’s speed

if your partner is a girl, then you should not eat too fast. If you eat slowly, you will be able to suppress the urge to pack up immediately, and promote digestion. If your partner eats too fast, let TA eat slower, ~

tip 5: meat, do not choose to have sauce

sauce is usually a calorie bomb, a vegetable salad is very low calorie, with sauce, the heat can be comparable to the hamburger. In order to eat buffet to eat, we must eat meat, but the best choice is not with sauce, seasoning very little meat, seafood is the best choice oh.

Tip 6: dessert jelly

had a stomach but also a dessert delicacy, until the end of battle right? At this time, have relatively low calorie dessert jelly, is the best choice to bake cakes, chocolate pudding, jelly and so on, the heat is the best.

chowhound friends, learn the six points do not get to eat your favorite.