How to choose the suitable clothing to join their mode of operation the whole

clothing industry is very popular in the industry, which is known to everyone, if you want to start a business, you can also consider such an industry, in all industries, the clothing industry is an eternal sunrise industry. Whether it is the clothing throughout the high streets and back lanes, major shopping malls or high-end brand clothing, from tens of dollars to spread the goods low up to thousands of dollars or even several million of imported clothing, as long as the trend and consumer tastes, there are people who are willing to pay to join. Many city "moonlight clan" list, at least 1/3 is spending while shopping for the pursuit of beautiful clothes.

compared with other industries, the garment industry investment threshold is low, do not need special technology too much, but it is an almost impossible to form a monopoly industry, the competition has been more intense, but also far from the level of intense, the market risk is relatively small. Therefore, the opening of the clothing store has become the first choice for many people to start a business.

so, in the end how much profit in the operation of clothing, specialty stores, stores, boutiques and what is the difference between profit and risk?.

brand monopoly profits attractive spending big

insiders revealed that the mall brand apparel gross margin reached 200% or even higher, and winter than summer, men than women’s high. For example, a brand of men’s T-shirt purchase price of 100 yuan, but can sell more than 400 yuan, even at 50 percent off, still profitable. As for the discount rate is particularly large clothing, most of the inventory is put for several years, basically by cost price processing.

from the digital analysis, brand store profit rate really makes people ears hot heart, but this simple price minus the purchase price of the algorithm, and no serious calculating and deducting costs in the operation, therefore the analysis of simple addition and subtraction does not seem convincing.

brand clothing profiteering exists, mainly in circulation. The middle part of the clothing sales includes distributors, brand agents and retail stores. In terms of clothing, dealers usually increase the price on the ex factory price of 30%, the retail market and then increase the price of 30%. Therefore, a 100 yuan clothing to the mall, the price may rise to more than 170 yuan, or even higher.

insiders said that the new clothing prices are so high, because in the sales process, from the mall all expenses are high, in addition to the high cost of apportion into the store as well as a variety of promotional costs, but also by the turnover of inverted certain points". If you do not mark the price too high, it is difficult to cope with frequent shopping coupons activities.

brand investment has a certain risk