Business people can not be too smart the whole

said that the business savvy, I am afraid that the current understanding of the whole society. However, Xiao Bian has a different view, in fact, the more smart people, business is not necessarily hot. You may be wondering how you can manage a good shop when you see it In fact, look at a piece of Uncle Zhang, as well as Uncle Wang’s shop experience you know.

There is a shop selling tobacco and non-staple food supplies students canteen opposite our school at the corner of the village of

. Business is not very prosperous.

shop is a zhangdashu, round face. Head a little bald, especially love to laugh, do not laugh, do not speak. Two small eyes, a smile on the narrowed into a seam. Not too tall, slightly fat, stomach bulge like like a smiling buddha. This is an attractive man, but came to a bad reputation, some people say that the old man should not weigh much head water, with encephalopathy. Why do you say that? Facts prove.

also started from last year’s one thing, one day last summer, Zhang uncle rode him to purchase the car seat pedal tricycle, walk to the West River side, suddenly in front of a large truck, linked to a woman riding a car. The truck ‘sou’of a left. The woman fell on the ground and hurt his head straight cold sweat, saw all the people around to go, no one dare to take care of this business.

this thing came up to see the Uncle Zhang, he did not hesitate, quickly jumped off the tricycle, pulled the woman asked, ‘the girl ye, which hurts, can not get up? Uncle take you to the hospital. The woman said thank you uncle. Uncle Zhang took the woman to the hospital to go to the emergency room to hang up the number, and then made a X film, the woman settled in the hospital. Spent all the money for the purchase.

what are settled, the woman gave him her husband a call, and after a while her husband came, who thought he had rushed the husband in a threatening manner zhangdashu shouted: "who let you hit my wife, want to die ah." Said he rushed to Zhang uncle called a punch. Thanks to the doctor. Uncle Zhang was not beaten. Slip away. Back home, the purchase of money is not in the hospital to help the woman spent in the hospital, the goods did not enter. Angry wife scolded a meal.

After the

village people heard this, said the old man almost got nosy fists being falsely. It’s really a brain drain.

is also a measure of Zhang Dashu, did not put the last loss event and everyone to his comments on the heart.

this is not a recent occurrence of a thing, so that we really think that Zhang’s brain is indeed sick.