Cosmetics store product display skills

cosmetics is a lot of people are in the use of the product, has a very big demand, high frequency industry is entrepreneurship, now people are beautiful, so cosmetics market has become the hot selling goods, but also become a major target of investors to choose to join the. However, to open a good cosmetics shop, you have to pay attention to the display. The following small series and share cosmetics store tips.

first, attract attention, attract selection, attract the purchase of the principle. The basic principle of cosmetics stores placed, is to let customers easily see, such as color contrast, display is novel, it is easy to catch the eyes of the customer; like some stores will love fruit placed on the platform, is to facilitate the customer to choose; some stores are sometimes made of single commodity promotion into a Duitou, form a rich visual experience, the price set too low, it is easy to customers.

two, placed to distinguish: positioning display, change of display 1, display the location positioning display, is the general cosmetics store franchise placed, it was arranged after the placement of cosmetics, display little change, in addition to change the configuration table, very few changes, this device, called for positioning display, in theory, every product has a fixed position.

2, change change is placed in the display, display location, or because of holiday promotions, new products and other factors, the placement of specially designed, known as the display changes, such as the end frame display, display, connected groove display, these are generally placed some promotions, the term is usually not long that is short a few days long is no more than a month, but most can really pull a cosmetics store popularity and atmosphere.

three, shelf position distinction: in the configuration management of the shelf is divided into four positions, namely the upper, golden line, middle and lower.

1, the upper part of the upper shelf that is, the upper layer, the general placement of a number of recommended cosmetics, or intentional training products.

2, the gold line: gold line height is about 85cm-120cm, which can capture the general view, within reach of the location, said the best placed in this position, commonly used to display high profit products, brand, or imported goods, but the most taboo to put no or low profit commodity. The influence on the whole interests of the shop will be a great harm.

3, the middle shelf shed board by position second or third layers of number, which is the middle of this location can be used to display some of the profit is not high commodity or give up, but take into account the needs of customers to sell goods.

4, the next paragraph: cosmetics stores for the shelves of the lowest level, the display is recommended