The funds in Lianyungang and Tibet tricky responsible person unreal

a lot of life in the face of poverty, we can always see the relevant units to support, but the fact is this? Spring Festival is approaching, the Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection threw a heavy bomb, poverty alleviation work in the issue of fire". In January 22nd, the Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the official website of breeze sail , made headlines in the striking position about Lianyungang (601008, shares) in Ganyu District, illegal taking of poverty alleviation funds, and to remind the leading cadres at all levels to further change the style, solid job concerned about the difficulties of the masses during the Spring Festival, helping rescue work.

, a reporter from the Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin to see, for the completion of poverty alleviation microfinance annual objectives and tasks, the relevant units in Ganyu District of Lianyungang City, fabricates materials illegal loans, defrauding financial subsidies of more than 20 million yuan, nature is very bad.

play virtual, 16 responsible person was asked

2016 in March, the National Audit Office of the Nanjing special fund for poverty alleviation in Jiangsu special audit found the problem of Ganyu.

Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection informed that, after investigation, Ganyu District Poverty Alleviation Office to complete the annual goal of poverty alleviation microfinance task, fabricate false information, fraudulent financial incentive funds, and took part of the payment of bonuses;

rural commercial banks in Ganyu over the scope of the proportion of small loans issued by the poverty alleviation, fabricated false loan ledger, print false repayment interest rate voucher to pay attention to the inspection, financial incentives and financial subsidies;

Ganyu District Finance Bureau ineffective supervision of illegal financial incentives and financial subsidies for the problem is not a serious review, review.

informed that during the two-year period, Ganyu Poverty Alleviation Office, Ganyu rural commercial bank and other units were inflated poverty small loans 186 million yuan, the illegal taking of poverty alleviation microfinance fund 14 million 893 thousand and 800 yuan reward and financial subsidy funds 5 million 836 thousand and 600 yuan, of which 824 thousand yuan as a bonus to the individual.

16 responsible person and therefore be seriously accountable

specifically, the Discipline Inspection Commission of Lianyungang District of Ganyu city and give District Office Director, director of the Poverty Alleviation Office Du Houling removal from party posts, administrative demotion, giving the district agriculture office deputy director Qian Kuijun party a serious warning and administrative demotion, giving the District Finance Bureau deputy director Song Jia party warning light. Reporters from the official website of the Ganyu District People’s government to see, song was removed in September 2013, deputy director of the district finance bureau.

Jiangsu Provincial Rural Credit Cooperatives Association to give the former party secretary of Ganyu rural commercial bank, Zhu Chongying, chairman of the party a serious warning, demotion, giving Ganyu recommend