What are the rules for the venture cosmetics franchise location

cosmetics industry market continue to praise, more and more women buy high-quality cosmetics, drives the progress of the cosmetics market, with cosmetics franchise model continues to mature, venture entrepreneurs to join the cosmetics more and more, but the business risk, the investment need to be cautious, not every entrepreneur can success, the the reason is the shop management and business skills shortage, resulting in the operational period into all sorts of trouble, so how to solve these problems? The following editors from the cosmetics store to join the site to share with you a location skills and methods.

addressTo choose

Second, select a sufficient advertising space in the shop

Third, to choose the cold and hot place

Fourth, to try to put their own cosmetics stores shop address

in the commercial center area, if it is the East-West streets it can be the best if it is facing south, north-south street it is best to sit east of the west, as far as possible to choose the kind in the northwest corner of the crossroads, where there is a fork in the road, is actually a very good choice, but a place is not appropriate, do not choose the best recommendation