Sushi stores to the site

restaurant location has always been a very important and extremely troublesome thing, for the food and beverage investment franchisees, how to do a good job site selection is not sloppy things. Take now we are very fond of sushi to join the brand. Sushi is a kind of food from abroad, now in the domestic food and beverage market, the health of the form by many consumers, especially young consumers love. Sushi has a huge market and attracts many investors. Choose sushi to join the business will have to face the problem of location, how can we choose to go to a sushi restaurant franchise good address?

1. choose to have people places, this is the crowds and traffic requirements to investors optimistic about the shop around you. Because only know the location people where to go, in order to accurately determine the goal is not to know where the consumer is not suitable for their shop.

people and traffic statistics is a tedious and time-consuming, but it is worth the time and effort you put into


must know the location people where to go, so as to determine whether the target consumers, for example, generally breakfast shop to open in the office when you walk through the place, the video store is open on the way home, management of goods is not the same as the natural target. In the pre location area statistics morning afternoon and evening in different periods and the number of people flow into nearby peers store, analyze the details of various people, and there will be many investigations and collect out the result, in order to know the distribution location of neighbor joining the tide really.

2. note that in addition to the crowd outside, also need to pay attention to the potential sites surrounding your chosen environment. This mainly refers to the business point of view and the consumer’s point of view. As investors to figure out what are the advantages and potential sites is conducive to the creation of performance? When you want sushi where to go on these issues.

in order to obtain comprehensive data and solutions, which need to patrol near the site from two angles. First, the merchant’s perspective, two is the consumer’s point of view. What are the advantages of this site, whether it is conducive to the creation of performance? When you want sushi back? All these problems are very necessary to think clearly. You know there will be lots of gold also neglected to join, sub district will have bustling stores, therefore, should not blindly copy a store in the next peer stores, unless there is an absolute grasp. This is equivalent to a decisive battle, the level of competition will be very intense, and the other side, after all, is a part of the cumulative repeat customers, which is a great disadvantage for their own.

3. used to say to me that when you look at a store, you have to have a first date