nvestigation of Xining community service base by Provincial Bureau of community corrections

not long ago, the Department of justice of community correction authority on parts of the city of Xining community service base were investigated.

study group visited the Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County martyrs cemetery correctional service base, sunshine homes for the elderly community correction service base and Datong County minors rescue center community correction service base; in the West District of Xining city visited Liu Wan Cun nursery Correctional Service Base breeding area, planting area, centralized education room. Asked in detail about the construction and management of public service since the establishment of the base, and the study group also participated in community correction weeding labor day. The study group of Xining city community correction service base is satisfied with the operation, set up especially in Datong County Bureau of justice community service base amount and the actual effect of fully affirmed; the establishment of the real practice of community correction service Liu Wan Cun nursery base can resettlement community correction personnel transitional jobs in West District Bureau of justice expressed appreciation.

study group urged all localities to further emancipate the mind, really give play to the role of education community service base, according to the provisions of organization within the jurisdiction of correctional officers regularly or not regularly participate in centralized community correction services, help the community correction personnel to establish a correct outlook on life and values, to overcome the idea of love leisure and hate labour to return to the society.

According to

statistics, as of the end of May 2012, the province set up community correction volunteer labor base 26, the organization of community corrections personnel to participate in public welfare work 259776 times.