The success of the Shanghai dragon Er required seven non technical skills

is willing to immediate payment: optimization of search engines are willing to put sentences, especially in the early stage. In many cases, although the Shanghai dragon has been done, but only on a small scale. If you are willing to invest in the large range, I believe they will gain greater returns.

seven can make you successful Shanghai dragon step

is more valuable: Shanghai dragon real value not only to achieve high ranking goals, but a process of continuous optimization of the site content. Every day you should find some can find ways to make your site go beyond yesterday.

daily growth: Shanghai dragon is optimized to do what you need in the search engine, what is the impact on your site and what you need a new strategy and other aspects of continuous learning. With the rapid change of technology, knowledge does not always follow you yesterday to tomorrow.

don’t wait for inspiration: inspiration is always in you do some things after will appear. It’s not work itself is to stimulate thought, idea and strategy. If you are a Shanghai dragon in puddles and don’t know what to do next, then start to do something. Check out the blog, or not to do data analysis work and a relevant people to work with you. This will make the creative Everfount.

is the master of your time: search engine optimization is usually a world without end. There are always farming can, must and should be done. I make everything can be completed, you must manage your time of. Attention can get best results in the area, and then transfer.

find the smallest to succeed in this idea is not done. Luck is not accidental, he is there for the people. I work is my motto. The success of the Shanghai dragon is not only the search engine algorithm, social media and web page optimization. There are some of you in Shanghai is based in Phoenix in the success is more important than knowledge. When these basic applications, not only can help you get what you need to know enough funds to develop, can solve the difficulties encountered.

if you ask people what they want to written a successful person? Almost everyone will want to say. But if you look at them, you will see that most people are not interested in and will not promise, these are needed for success. Most people are looking for investment guru method as far as possible the success can be less. This is the reason why the government annoying lottery can earn so much money. A piece of money can make you very rich, if you have that luck.

doesn’t care about your limits: nothing in this world can be perfect to do every thing in Shanghai dragon. There is that you have to know what you don’t know, find a qualified person you do not do. Don’t worry about what you can’t do that to work together and you can learn from each other people.