How to quickly save revision and be right down the site

two: control and improve Links

There are constantly changes and progress in the process of rapid development of the

for love Shanghai, the construction of the chain is very important, but to determine the site is down right or be K, can not suddenly speed up the construction of the chain, to ensure the stability of their website, some improvement on the basis of the original, such as the original foundation about 1.5 times more than in some high weight website released text and information.


: check the normal DNS server stability and

program is very easy to cause the replacement service full load operation, so the state of the server are easy to K. The server is carrying the website page, run the program and pictures of the space domain is the site of identity, domain name must and determine the correctness of the A Records website domain name resolution in confirmation, owners need to pay attention to is the top-level domain name to a domain name jump, A record clearly marked. On the server, I think many webmaster is not informed of how the stability of the server, the website only know whether the normal open to determine whether the server is normal, this time must be monitored by using the third party monitoring software, to ensure the normal operation of the web server and the alarm, here to remind the owners pay attention to the south, love Shanghai the server group in the country, the northern Shanghai love spider capture will always have problems, especially in the north of the railway set, south of the site is not normal basic access, so webmaster don’t particularly care, as long as the state is to ensure that the 200, 200064, just make sure the line is not outside, basic health.

website Links and domestic human relations, human relations will get more high quality care. Check Links, clear the site at present state, adjust the Links quality, especially the weight Links, if the site does not have the conditions of replacement, replacement can cost some of Links, also can open the website channel columns Links, weight increase the channel, if only the weight is reduced. The channel also ranked good, at least not ugly flow.

four: the construction of health Web site chain


website will, as a webmaster can not make mistakes, which changes with the website revision due to business needs and changing user habits are the most common, but also because the website website caused by the website is down right or to the sandbox. That the two kinds of circumstances are no need to worry, every webmaster mentality steady, it is important to diagnose problems and determine methods, provide the following mechanism to save the webmaster, hope to help the webmaster is still hard work:

, site of the construction of the chain is the result of long hard struggle and the construction of the chain in the reasonable hierarchy will accelerate website weight recovery and website weight recovery can greatly improve the site for the construction of the chain of > part

three: construction site outside the chain