Share the construction of four methods of search engine friendly blog

1: search engine optimization plug-in

gives you the classification and tag, not only can help you the more clean, help your readers more easily find the content they want, you will help Shanghai dragon. Some blog system can automatically add tags in your article and you can create a page to form classification labels. The Hangzhou driving school network 贵族宝贝 from the original

this should go without saying, but you may find a lot of people are not as they write high quality content. For example: "today we store a discount this not directly as an article. You can use this as a title, and then write a 200 to 500 word content.

3: don’t just copy and paste.

online that you find interesting content. If you find interesting things on the Internet, you want to share to your readers, you can write an article about it myself. Then in the article it links up, so if readers want to know the original resources to find it. Duplicate content will hurt your rankings, especially in this year, Google algorithm update.

with these data, you may want to know how to make your blog more friendly to search engines. Here are five tips to make your blog can obtain most search engine traffic.

all bloggers should know the importance of a blog and blog articles in the rankings in search engines. Although some blog is to get traffic through other sites, but most of the blog received their traffic is through the search engine. In a recent survey shows that it is estimated that more than 65% blog traffic is through search engine.

Don’t just copy and paste to

4: classification and labelling of your article

of one of the important aspects of search engine optimization is to have a good website, title and description. If you are using WordPress or other blog platforms, you can search the Shanghai dragon plug-in, install this plugin allows you to control your blog URL, title and other important aspects.

2: write the content of high quality

The need to indicate the source, thank you!