Shanghai dragon mobile website optimization strategy and optimization points

for the mobile site, more good website link structure. Link structure good, not only including the site navigation and user experience, more important is to give users the convenience of viewing content. There is more easy to let the spider crawl and crawl. In the above link hierarchy, not more than 2 levels suggests a link layer structure.

many webmaster tangled mobile website Shanghai dragon how to do, how to make the mobile terminal site keywords optimization to the home page. In fact, the webmaster does not need to worry too much, in fact, the PC side of the site with the mobile site there are still a lot of exchange. The Puyang website construction focus on mobile stations in Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy, the main problems and the details of what the mobile terminal site optimization process.

PC side of the site show the content is much redundant mobile station display content. Therefore, the mobile terminal will need to make precise and concise. Shanghai Longfeng optimization of mobile terminal, we need to refer to love Shanghai mobile search specifications to, rather than copying the PC side. The mobile terminal and PC terminal TDK is now the main variable character above. Love Shanghai mobile search results show page in Title, if more than 24 will be truncated, preferably not more than 17 Chinese Chinese characters.

mobile site and PC site to end mobile adaptation

webmaster requires the mobile terminal adapter, the user access time in the mobile terminal, the mobile version of the site to the independent jump. Now, love Shanghai webmaster Webmaster Platform has opened the adapter between the mobile terminal and PC terminal. The webmaster only need one by one according to the corresponding method of love can provide Shanghai webmaster.

for the optimization of mobile site, but in the love of Shanghai mobile terminal optimization, which requires PC and the mobile terminal to do the adaptation. Once love Shanghai mobile engineer said, love the Shanghai mobile will give priority to sort for the mobile terminal site so separate mobile site site has more advantages compared to the PC side.

2, PC and mobile terminal TDK attribute

and the construction site using static link short link on the website URL, is conducive to the search engine more effectively grasp and judgment ".


Webmaster Platform diagnostic tool website 4, using

3, the web site link structure

at present, including domestic love Shanghai, 360, Sogou, Google and abroad are provided free of charge Webmaster Platform. Related to the site, Webmaster Platform will diagnose the site problem. Therefore, we need a reasonable site diagnosis and make full use of webmaster tools, so to ensure a good website optimization effect. For example: Mobile adaptation, adaptation can be submitted directly, to speed up the search engine recognition and judgment.

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5, URL 301 link jump