How to carry out the pictures website page optimization

ALT to fill in the correct principle is concise and clear description, should pay attention to avoid lengthy descriptions, such as an idyllic picture of the ALT label can be China: Yunnan rural or pastoral scenery in europe.

image is also very important for the optimization of the page, because of the large volume of images will prolong the loading time of the page, a page for 10 seconds if the loading is not open, the vast majority of visitors will be lost. So the search engine also began to focus on the page loading time and as a basis for ranking, so the picture in the page volume ranking also plays a important role. To reduce the image loading time, need should be compressed pictures, gif>

good picture station page optimization, besides should pay attention to the correct label set several pictures, but also on the image correlation and page load time, we separate the description:

The correlation between

Alt all the pictures label label may be one of the most important, because Alt is English "substitute" abbreviation, in a web page, if a picture is unable to open or take too long to load in the browser, the browser will automatically call the ALT position in the picture label content displayed to visitors and search engines can easy to read ALT tags to determine the theme of the picture, so the label has to visitors and search engines have effect.


a word: do anything to forget its fundamental purpose, do not be squandering charming eyes!

The size of the

correlation is Shanghai dragon factors many owners are easy to overlook, pictures and articles related to can improve the user experience, but also enhance the reader’s understanding, this is our basic objective picture. In fact, with the development of technology, the search engine has been able to identify the part of the contents, pictures inside so, is not very appropriate to do with by train in the Ferrari sports car ". I know that this is common sense, but still want to put this in the first place to get attention.

and we know that search on the character recognition engine is much stronger than pictures and Flash, so the text websites are usually easier to optimize the page, but the picture website page optimization is not as easy to understand the text, so this paper will introduce the specific optimization method of images on the web page of the.

2.Alt label

page optimization is the most basic part of Shanghai dragon, with search engine ranking technology continues to improve and mature, optimize a website to process has become increasingly complex, can be said that the site is now even with high-quality content does not have good rankings. In fact, there are many factors that affect website ranking, but one of the most important factors should be optimized to do good or bad or within the page.

3. picture volume and page load time