Noble baby search domain function can access global shield

you have to click on a search result link, enter the site, and then use the browser to return back to the function of search results interface, you can see the "shielding from all of XXX’s search results link

today March noble baby began to allow you to someone who doesn’t love or is obvious dumpster domain name from the noble baby search results completely removed, now this function has been almost perfect, noble baby indicates that the function has been basically to be accessed from your family name in all countries in the baby (pictured above is noble baby贵族宝贝.hk interface).

Of course,

you must be logged in to their noble baby account


removed the domain name can also get it back, here you can even direct manual rapid screening of a web site, but do not have to search and access to its website to shield (not knowing that mountain like tiger undeterred, give each other with the number of clicks?):

use this function has two premises: