Love is not harming the Shanghai algorithm to update the acquisition station

algorithm to update the very failure, many of the formal business website, the original type of the site have been injured, and some have even been uprooted, Mao Shanghai love love Shanghai originally this update algorithm is designed to clean up the Internet spam, but it reached the so-called "information rubbish" purpose? Then you just take a look at this website.



analysis of Web site structure: actually, I think this is not a site, because the home only scanty several lines of HTML code, home is using JS to call out the product sales page, like the list page, content page is needless to say, a website structure must rely on collect the good to go.

2, analysis of website content: the website contents were collected, and is not consistent with the theme of the site, the reason why I believe that the contents of the website will be loved in Shanghai included, depends entirely on the content page template. And because the site in the head and the bottom were added "the review" and "the introduction" success, from the search engine spiders, but this is not enough to win in the industry.

1, the website of the chain analysis: the site of the chain I have a glance at the site, found that the original topic turned out to be a "toy bicycle association"



love Shanghai this algorithm to update the main purpose is to clean up the garbage information internet? The first but this site since June, completely without any influence, the ranking is still stands in the industry, you might think, people outside the chain, the weight content, have good chant, you just tell, the contents of a collection and complete industry website, updated if I do not meet, you will find it all aspects of good

the above picture is the front page of the website source code, only a few words of the HTML statement, the page is used to call JS, page four introduction column page links, I really don’t know what this website has what advantage, what qualifications in Shanghai’s first love? Let’s try analyze.

The love of Shanghai

1, age: from the analysis of domain name registration to the site has only a short period of five months only, so it is initially ignored by domain name advantage and win.

can be seen from the figure above the contents of this website included not how site five months time to reach 100 included several levels, but this site in Shanghai love ranking is far more than the content included the number reached 1000 million, the level of the site outside chain number is only 1000 level, but also slowly decline.


: the first analysis of the web site

second: analysis of the site of the station