Search engine optimization keywords Shanghai Dragon Mining Guide

    four, after the word


      Shanghai: love the drop-down box drop-down box is user input keywords when there is love Shanghai in the search box, it shows the short-term needs of the keywords (usually 2-3 days) as follows:

    three, the love Shanghai promotion assistant analysis of key words, such as:

    love Shanghai through the search results before 10 in the love of Shanghai products, we can know what the potential demand for user search.

(pictured on the Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon trend)

    love like Shanghai know, Search ask, you ask, or.


      two, by the love of Shanghai index data analysis

      search: love Shanghai is seen in the relevant search results page at the bottom of the user search keywords, it generally shows the long-term needs of the keywords. (2-3 weeks) as follows:

    2, after word mining tools by


clover Xiaobian to recommend to you a friend of XMind software (design mind), the next Xiaobian together with the analysis of key words and you:


sixiecao study of Shanghai Longfeng optimization has been for a long time, do not need to make painstaking efforts that Shanghai dragon like a program ape, also do not need that as a designer must have divergent thinking. But Xiaobian understanding of Shanghai dragon is to have a heart of altruism, and steadfast practice. However, the most important part of the Shanghai dragon is the keyword analysis (also called keywords positioning), if the keyword positioning is not accurate, after optimization is done.

      through the love of Shanghai index, we can know the search trends, search users are as follows:

    to love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search data collection and classification, we can know the user demand for short-term and long-term.

    and through the love of Shanghai drop-down box, search data analysis

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(figure for Shijiazhuang Shanghai Longfeng demand map)