Analysis of the role of PV in the keywords ranking

three, increase the number of PV value.

The weight of quality The effect of

from the front of the table we can see that in addition to the PV website, many factors should be considered. If only PV up, wrong website content, or other optimization, ranking is not stable and long.

is shown in the following table:

4, a good ranking site, PV/IP should be more than 8, as mentioned earlier, the ratio is higher, the quality of the website.

Overview of

on the above website from the domain name, age, time, snapshot included, reverse link, keyword density, title location, PV/IP, PR, the nature of the site, the anchor text analysis.

, a PV value of high ranking does help.

first of all, we should be clear, what is PV? PV (pageview), which is the number of page views, or click. It can be said that in the PV website, as the ratings on the tv. We all know that a TV rating is high, the program of greater value, the higher PV is, the better the quality of the website can show.

is a website with higher PV that others stay in the site longer, also shows that more web content to help users, can also say good user experience, user experience good site must have advantage in the search engine ranking.

through the comparison we can draw the following conclusions:

1, the increase in paging function. This is a significant way to increase PV, such as a 200>

1, keywords ranking with reverse link anchor text closely, that is to say, if we want to have a good ranking of keywords, the anchor text must be reflected. For Hebei talent network, the reverse link is more, but the most used is the "Hebei talent network", the anchor text is very simple.

5, included the amount of reflected the content of the website, only a content rich site, is more easy to get the favor and love Shanghai, ranking will generally remain relatively stable, not often change radically.

2, keyword density has been very weak, do not have to go to the pursuit of high keyword density, it is good.


Analysis of


The relationship between

3, Title in front of the keywords, has certain advantages.

website is the website at the end of the day, and the weight of the website with the ranking not designated as equals, as PR can not be equated with the ranking. Keywords "Hebei talent network" as an example, the natural ranking of the top six website as shown below:

two, only high PV value is not enough