There is no shortcut to learn Shanghai dragon only follow the prescribed order

theory with

The practice of

contact optimization for two years, but not an old Shanghai dragon ER style, neither can hand out the website, also have a high paying job, it was only in the A5 to write the soft Wen, flickered novice! Shanghai dragon is not difficult, but I did not follow the prescribed order

read more than 200 articles, 1 in A5 and some webmaster information platform, of course is not to say to you in a day or a few days after reading, that is not much effect, every day at 3-5 is good.

2, plus some Shanghai Longfeng exchange group, the novice should be modest, what do not understand the problem, ask people in the group, in the group in question, I believe you will get a satisfactory answer.

3, the white hat and black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon to draw a line, remember, the search engine is very clever, have the ability to play, not the ability to honestly do white hat Shanghai dragon

4, micro-blog it listen to some celebrities, pay more attention to Zan Hui Shanghai dragon leader blog.

1, choose their own kind of interesting website, find a good program, the basic elements are modified, at least looks like his own things, the one and only.



. Shanghai dragon 1, Shanghai dragon

web editing software dreamwear image processing software Photoshop, file upload and download software flashftp, need to understand the basic knowledge of the basic web design code HTML, simple editing CSS style, table, div web page layout, install IIS site configuration.

Shanghai Longfeng in-depth study

need to know Shanghai dragon software

(search engine optimization), the basic concept of website optimization, website promotion to know

, title, keywords (as now the search engine doesn’t work), optimization of description, pictures, page keywords where appropriate use of strong markers, the page title to use the h1-h6 tag, using appropriate internal anchor text links, usually about 3, can be found keywords link to the home page or column page, you can find a word or a word link to a related article in the chain is an important point in the station optimization to

!Before learning The 2 basic elements, site optimization

3, go to the forum, laggards forum, the forum has the advantages of short, post, post, especially in the morning, everyone will put his attention to love Shanghai search engine dynamic release to the forum, on the one hand can share their findings, on the one hand can promote their website. The forum signature is a very good publicity method.