Lu Cong look at the Shanghai dragon optimization from the basic theory

3, 301

The advantage of

we all know the operation of the site, www included the website without WWW and ranking is not the same weight? This is the consequence of the site can not be unified. If you use the 301 permanent redirect it, then the weight behind the ranking of the site transfer to another. In this website the weight of ascension has played an important role.

write 301 user experience is in fact I think the beginning of my website, I started to make a navigation station. See the 2345贵族宝贝 navigation website is cattle, do nothing to check the record under the Ministry website. My stupid. There are more than 10 URL link to the navigation station. Now, the 2345 is fully effective use of the 301 permanent directional, the effect of this, not only allows users to find multi channel navigation station, followed by for the site of the brand is also a big promotion. In small accumulation potential development, now I want to say who do not know 2345

then we said the emergence of the embarrassment, if the effective use of the 301 error page is redirected to the correct web page. It avoids the loss of traffic. Which website exposure.

302 refers to the temporary redirection, and 301 permanent redirection of popular definition is the same. This is a matter of time! One is permanent, is a temporary one. 302 after the implementation, has no effect on the old site, but the new site will rank.

301 user experience

404404 error page is often the revision of the website information, remove or delete the cause. So we through search engines or other favorites from the website may end is a 404 page, that we are in an article on the introduction with modified 404 page to avoid embarrassment, that in addition to this and what way? This is what I want to say 301302 today. I will not use professional terms to express (PS: is actually the expression problem!) feel popular to speak, is the understanding of the popular for all

1, 301After

! long effect

refers to the 301 permanent redirect is popular, when users visit a web site will be restored to another site to. 301 after the implementation, the new site completely inherited the old site, the old site of the rankings completely cleared.

The 404 page

on this issue at the forum, we will ask 301 permanent directional after how long to take effect, everyone seems to be very anxious, just read an article about 4 months to do the 301 force experiment. I’m sure the 301 redirect is basically effective in about 4 months. Don’t know why everyone wants to come, but I want to say, do not worry, do what you do.


We all know that > navigation station!