Some common reasons about the grassroots web site is down right

some webmaster to beautify website, or on site needs to add new features and change frequently, changing the structure of the site, so that a large number of pages to be deleted or lost, which will be a lot of links, resulting in Shanghai love spider right down.

is very important, if the site was hung on the malicious code or hacker attacks, the search engine will directly to the website domain name shield.

third, the domain name space problem

for the novice webmaster, only when buying cheap space, without considering the security server, if the server is IP server being attacked or love Shanghai shield will cause the site can not be opened, so the search engine can not access the website information, for a long time the search engine will think that the site is closed, the relevant page to delete. In addition, the security of the site is not

website for Shanghai dragon friends, right down the website is a very common problem, but it is also very important, because the weight of related keyword rankings, relations with the Shanghai love can bring us much traffic, bring the number of customers and how much to convert. Down Xiaobian to tell you the site right down to several common reasons.


original article is love Shanghai spiders love most food, because some poor and literary or have no time to write the original article, will collect or copy others site, and did not make any changes; their website directly copied to this website, for the search engine spiders extremely hate, especially a a newly established website, should as far as possible to write some original or false original content, so that we can get the attention of the spider love Shanghai.

chain is an important index for keyword ranking to enhance the stability of outside chain is very important. If the chain is short time grows too fast, or the low quality of the chain fell sharply, but also the cause of the site right down. In addition, Links every day to check, if the other site is K or drop right, quickly remove the other link.

sixth and other reasonsThe

second, website internal optimization over

because the search engine has been very intelligent, so in the optimization of time must grasp the degree, the accumulation of a large number of keywords, hidden keywords, optimization method of these opportunistic love Shanghai can already be identified. So webmaster in the optimization of the time, the distribution of keywords reasonable to the site as soon as possible, to anchor, grasp the keyword density (general keyword density can be maintained at 3%-8%).

fifth, the chainThe

site administrator in the upload file, so that "network interrupt transmission failure, the site being hung up the black links, or web site to sell Links will be down the right search engine. < >

First, the lack of original article

fourth, the website frequently