Shanghai Longfeng answer several fundamental questions read the search engine optimization guide 2


August 18, 2011, love Shanghai Internet entrepreneurs Club released the latest "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2", the "guide" is following the 2010 release of "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 1" upgrade. The file before Shanghai Longfeng preparation; website construction for search engine; Web site operators; cheating to do a detailed interpretation and punishment in four aspects.

is any domain name suffixes in Shanghai seems to love is equal, while ranking does not exist because the suffix suffix is not the same, all alike. But in order to let users better remember the domain name of the website, recommend the use of commonly used suffixes to reduce memory cost for visitors, the user experience is very good promotion.

domain name suffix for your ranking in the end there is no effect of

said the white paper, the search engine is just an ordinary visitors to our site, we treat regular visitors are treated in the same way search spiders love Shanghai. Love Shanghai search is a set of programs based on user experience, if not the user wants to search information, users will abandon this website, love Shanghai will be determined to give up this website. Minor changes can greatly enhance the user experience, small changes not only to the site to bring the risk of K, but the search engine will think this site in continuous improvement, continuous super user love direction.

Explain to the

I think the user experience can be understood as the constitution, all other laws are based on the constitution to set up the conflict of the legal and other constitution to the constitution as the quasi. Similarly, the user experience is the most basic criterion, and the criterion of all conflicts to the user experience as the subject.


time last night, read it again, do many things, Shanghai dragon is easy to fall into the problem of misunderstanding or ready to accept either course give a detailed answer, has provided us with the official explanation. As Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, to obtain official readings, the webmaster friends reasonable Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon industry norms play a guiding role. The following is I finished a little experience, to share to everyone.

The white paper says:

white paper: domain name suffixes which form of the love of Shanghai "search has no effect, but also need to consider the domain name suffix user memory. 贵族宝贝,.Cn,.Net and other common suffix users more easy to remember, some common suffixes may allow the user to create a sense of trust, increase the cost of the user’s judgment.

user experience is king

is a search engine on the website of ordinary visitors to the website, the website grasp mode / value judgment ", also from the perspective of the user, any improvement of user experience, is to improve the search engine. Optimization of search engines, but also will benefit users.

At present,