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before I share a lot of website content writing method is to use content to attract spider. But whether we understand why search engines will be included? Is the user experience good site or comprehensive high quality website? In fact, spider did not function as we imagine the powerful web crawling content in spider, it does not know whether the content can reach the requirements of its search engine, page included is would crawl to the contents of the information stored on the server, and the search engine to calculate and update the data of this show included the content is consistent with the requirements of the content search engine. That is to say, by spider is in order to establish the screening mechanism of search engine to meet the requirements of high-quality content experience and user search.

2, screening methods of.

search engine to the site of the credit will directly affect the content of the website included, voting can reduce the time of credit, but at least the time can be up to about January credit; whether the website size is cheating, we must put an end to the. Once convicted of cheating in the site of the credit you will long be back.

The Credit

search engine selection mechanism to eliminate network trash content and miscellaneous content, keep quality content information, to save time and resources cost to improve the user search experience. In view of this, the fact that the site included and whether the original problem is actually has nothing to do but to watch the content quality.

1, the relationship between the screening methods.

3, the frequency of screening.

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The level of

any web server space is limited, the search engine website is no exception, the contents of the page included requirement is met the selection mechanism of search engine. In the limited space to be included the content of the page is the result of the website of Shanghai Longfeng desired er. To this effect we must understand the search engine selection mode.

refers to the site hierarchy level. As long as there is a link on the front page, regardless of directory depth of several layers, can be seen as second layers, so it is easy to grab spider. For the new station is even more so than large sites, sub column weights than the general corporate website to high level has little influence on the. The new station and general enterprise web site in the attention must be paid to the level, will not exceed three layers, a flat hierarchy website.

every day we find the site website data? Website website! Although not directly affect website ranking, but the site of Shanghai dragon er for website content included is very important. I think the website content included Dennis, directly reflects the content of the site quality, showing the contents of the snapshot is a search engine for website credit recognition. Today the author Dennis to that website optimization website content is about the wise remark of an experienced person to share a collection of problems.