Analysis of high ranking website and the content of the page

1. from a simple business analysis, see a company specific business with you or other high ranking sites have what cross. Know who is in direct competition, indirect competition who is very helpful.

2. to find the website from which year, this website is very helpful to evaluate energy. To determine the domain name age is very simple, you can check the domain name registration information. The website’s age a little trouble, but you can use the time machine (also known as the Internet Archive website) to understand what is the time to start (or at least what had enough exposure to Archive began tracking).

7. from the noble baby tools to get the domain name the first page of the PR value.

3. of the past 6 months the search domain (including domain name extension) Googl. The number of results, remove the domain name itself.

analysis of Oriental and high ranking sites, especially those high ranking website in your industry there are many reasons. They may be your competitors website, this is enough of what they do in reason. But even if they are not, they know what to look at these things, how to help them get a good ranking is also very helpful. With this information, you can better decide how to give your website strategy.

8. YAHOO Yahoo! Site Explorer web site to determine how many backlinks. A better approach is to use commercial grade tools, such as Moz Linkscape or Majestic- Shanghai, Shanghai Dragon (majestic Shanghai dragon). These tools provide based on their own on the Internet to get richer data link crawling, including more crucial details, such as the anchor text.

in the results page, adding "& URL; as gdr=m3".

to get this information, search for "www.xxx贵族宝贝.cn-site:xxx贵族宝贝.cn" in the noble baby, and then in the results page URL adding "& as" qdr-m6, and refresh the page.

review of some interest in the index, and how to get data.

6. for the past 1 months, in the noble baby blog search appeared in the number of posts on the site. The search query domain in the noble baby blog, and then in the results page URL finally added "& as gdr=ml, and refresh the page.

4. of the past 3 months the search domain (including domain name extension) when the noble baby number of results, remove the domain name itself.

9. obtained from the Compete flow >

5. with the default settings (no specific time) in Googl. The domain name query blog search, remove the contents of the domain name itself.