How to break the three major bottlenecks of development of literary website

in the economic society, literary website it still is a business, do the final purpose of literary website is still profitable. Therefore website of literature and economics are closely related, but also pay attention to the high ratio of input and output. Especially in the new era, many traditional literary websites are facing a transition period, the number of users of various types of shunt reader online to read novels, many websites have encountered a bottleneck. How then do the high cost of investment, to break the bottleneck period? In this small series found three tips to break through the bottleneck of literary website development.

: a popular writer bottleneck resources grab too intense

is not the time to develop their own good writers on the site, also need development and profitability. Therefore, the current popular writer is also a very important resource. There are many popular writers to write for a living, of course, is the interest oriented writer, so in the materialistic temptation of almost not inviting. This website can provide better returns than other sites, some other sites can also be used to benefit these writers to walk. Thus, only interest is not enough to attract the writer.

breakthrough secret – Zoupian Jian Feng, not "reward" and other sites clash

two: hot "bottleneck often comes for profit, and for profit is not high, the stability of

– a breakthrough secret other children and eventually as their students Pro

training good writers own is not an easy thing, but it is difficult to see short-term benefits. Most of the writers are to have the ability to benefit, can not be completely used for a website. So you want to choose from and culture, is not easy to achieve. However, if we can find certain personal style, and style is not known for young writers, and to cultivate, in time, will be able to cultivate excellent children of their own home". This is a long-term investment and long-term returns, training needs some time, but the rewards will be long and high quality. In particular, the training that writers on the website of the feelings and strong dependence, on site fidelity is high, will be the site of a man of tremendous promise. Once can have such a batch of writers, will greatly enhance the competitiveness of the website immediately, the visibility started and more profitable sooner or later.

want to keep the existing popular writers website, and even progress "

for the literary website, the popular author of resources is a very important resource. Even a popular writer propped up a website phenomenon. The most popular writers such as "sky" the author of energy-saving commissions of up to 7 digits. The industry in order to compete for the popular author of resources, even to the point of vicious competition. Even so, you want to grab the popular writer, still is not an easy thing. Moreover, many popular writers are flowing, even if the fight is not equal to come into the safe. In this situation, to develop their own website of excellent writers is imperative.