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In the new version of

has accumulated 80 million registered users of the photo social platform in, recently decided to use a year’s largest version of the update to redefine their identity – new scene social platform.

in social function end, over the past few years, in has accumulated 180 million PB image data, if the precipitation in time the long tail of the picture can be used, are also considered new trees flower, wood and spring; and in the end the most basic tool, in has become a whole chain of one-stop the service platform, to print pictures from in Goods are available in all varieties..

in in the data, then dig out the value of these data, the product form is presented to each user, it is a pressing matter of the moment, LBS+ and in become interested, the final solution.

Shanghai Mobell >

The origin of

is now in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Singapore and even the city streets, orange wheel has been everywhere, and quickly became the industry’s "Red Net" and the capital market focus, created the "myth" is the v-mobile bicycle CEO Wang Xiaofeng.

world pictures in the form of a waterfall flows directly in that page "world" in the column, if you are interested in a certain place, directly poked, can browse all have here using in photo shoot and share; and in passive discoveries, you can also search through the place, to find the picture content you’re interested in.

stock Mining: LBS+ interest driven by technology

Wang Xiaofeng’s occupation resume a brilliant, once the service enterprise is job seekers dream, Procter & Gamble, shlf1314, Coty the world’s largest perfume maker, Tencent, Uber, seemingly each transformation, from the traditional consumer goods to the network company, to share the economy, but he said the business the essence is the same, so the difference between selling shampoo and sell advertising is not your imagination.

if you despise manufacturing, despise supply chains, lack the fear of manufacturing, you will end up miserable. This is the lesson we spend with money and time to buy.

simply speaking, every time you take a photo in in, there will be a camera location to stay, and the user will generally be used to add tags or dynamic images, the former is LBS, and the latter is interest.

in have in this market,

in version and philosophy update, also born.



based on the interest of tags is set in the topic page "hot play" section, users can also recommend to the passive or active search form into the topic of interest to the details page, browse the topic of historical pictures.

In one of the advantages of

Mobell bicycle is to help every city to affordable prices and more convenient to complete the trip, in order to wish to become reality, choose the bike this most popular transportation tool, and using the concept of innovation, combined with the Internet technology, the redesign of the body and to make intelligent lock using bicycle complete travel easier.


What else does

Wang Xiaofeng, 70, leo. After graduation to join Procter & Gamble, work is 9 years. In 2006, he joined shlf1314 Shanghai as its first employee. In 2009, joining Coty, involved in the acquisition of TJOY case. In 2011, he joined the Tencent and was responsible for the realization of search. In 2013, he was invited to join Uber as general manager of Shanghai by Travis. In 2015, joined the v-mobile bike, as co-founder and CEO.


driving less, riding more people, food and clothing, enough to know honor and disgrace.

but the first standard instagarm products, micro-blog, WeChat in the circle of friends and is the representative of the Chinese type large and all products under the impact of live is not well; many is one disaster after another, concentrate on the self Mito tools, such as software emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, more or less occupied in market.

in in recently launched new version of the client, these two functions have been enlarged to more specific entry.

sharing bike industry, in one or two years there will be natural demise of enterprises, and some will be led under the capital of mergers.

business is essentially the same, selling shampoo and advertising aren’t as big as you think they are.

before this, in had fairly brilliant past, on-line in June 2014, in 2014, 2015 consecutive won several well-known institutions, rounds of financing, in 2016 on the listing of three new board.

| dialogue: Wang Xiaofeng Mobell bicycle CEO

the level of civilization in a society is, in fact, the degree of civilization of each person, depending greatly on your respect for the other person, or on your consideration for others.

in, address based passive recommendation and proactive search form

and Davis have known each other for years. When he was in Uber China, I organized a group of CEO to visit, and compared with then, I could feel he was busier now. Last night I was sleeping in the office even though I was too busy. I joked that I was not energetic enough. He sighed that the energy was good, but it was not enough time.