Understanding of the core essence of marketing money makingAt the annual meeting big talk Reboot Zh

"third companies,"

in fact, this is a key point that many people will ignore, namely, the external conversion rate, that is, the ability to guide, even some experienced marketing personnel will forget. You want the most external clothing store are in fact not much difference between the conversion rate, because most of the clothing store banners are so the same: buy one get one, the audience at the end of half off, sales and so on, so of course to win

for a more detailed description of the problem, and combined with my understanding of marketing and experience, I decided to give some actual cases in reality! In fact, now the era of information explosion, each user to browse information screening is very rapid, basically advertising information you can not catch the eye in 5 seconds don’t let the user open, information view, and your advertising will lose its significance, which for the PPC click on the ads, perhaps not what big losses, because PPC pay per click advertising is, but for many to package advertising put, is a big loss!

in the past year, 360, whether in product or public relations, have been BTJS joint encirclement and suppression. Many people think the old week will shoot, but this time, old Zhou just understatement.

not long ago, Lao Zhou made a statement on micro-blog, refusing to take part in all business activities and invitations to speak out. The real reason is the self Reboot in his speech". He want to talk about the 360 innovative products, "the company’s history that the largest contribution to the product or the 360 pillar, but not 360 innovative products, whether old products or new products, you have to give me some new topics for me to speak."

, let’s talk first about what internal transformation and external transformation are for a clothing store. The internal transformation of the clothing store is how many people in your clothing shop have enough clothes to buy, which is the internal conversion rate. While the external conversion rate is on the side of the road, or other places such as newspapers, radio ads see all your clothing store information there are many people come into your clothing store! This is the external conversion rate.

the external conversion rate is the ability to guide, said internal conversion rate is how many people get to your site when the product sold many single, this is an internal conversion rate, this is very important! However, the same point is a very important external conversion! And can be said to be more important. Because there is no external transformation will not have internal transformation! External conversion is popular to say that see your product in the web site and click on the ratio of the number of people. If people come in, and if your ad doesn’t appeal to users, then there’s no point in converting it to another cow,

"today, my speech is that the pessimistic man can leave.". If you come 360, think 360 of the stock price is very high, can take a little cheaper, I’m sorry, in 2014, we will start a new business."

17 million 870 thousand yuan of employee benefits, a TAKISAWA Laura — let 360 years taylor. However, this "tyrant" annual meeting of the hot field speech, but Zhou Hongyi is a big pot of cold water". Three hours of speech, is the 360 annual meeting, the old week is the shortest, but also the most dignified one. Faced with BTJS Tencent, sh419, Kingsoft, Sogou encirclement and suppression, the old Zhou said never fear, and his concern is how the company became a breakthrough after self. In his view, let the company and employees "Reboot Zhong Qi", far greater than welfare incentive role.


but Zhou Hongyi still didn’t have a tall speech at the annual meeting. "It’s not important who laughs today and who’s crying today."." Old Zhou said that the Internet has just begun, and smart devices closely integrated Internet and began a new round of revolution, he is more valued is the next five years, who can laugh at the end?.

computers run for a long time and cause a lot of garbage, and they take up a lot of system resources. They need to be cleaned up at this time. Lao Zhou spent three hours talking about "Reboot", not only his self Reboot, but also the company’s architecture Reboot, staff and internal culture of Reboot. 360 after Reboot, the personnel structure will become more flat, and each division will gradually break the boundaries between PC and wireless.

we have visited the mall now, it will go through a lot of shops, especially clothing store, then you are in the clothing store in a superb collection of beautiful things, you will choose a look inside, is to choose those who are more likely to look good, and the propaganda slogan shop was very attractive!

!What can


in order to explain the external conversion rate, I’ll give you an example of real business in reality.

"never an enterprise was killed by others, enterprises are dying in the face of a turning point, can not quickly change, can not quickly restart."." Old.

three hours, three "Reboot",


to do the marketing, the conversion rate is the core of marketing! The conversion rate is a very profound knowledge, when in front of the pond can not continue to enlarge, many people often ignore this, and also because of bad conversion to profit maximization

do to make your best external conversion in many clothing stores? If you run one?

360 in the past year remarkable achievements: PC security leadership to consolidate, mobile assistant Android platform to become the boss, search share increased to 24%, the market value of $10 billion……