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official news, from February 1, 2012 onwards, Taobao and Tmall train train officially split operation, according to the current news, but Taobao has not yet made the rules change, this move is undoubtedly in the further strengthening of the supervision over the market. Do e-commerce business especially in the Taobao shop businesses know, train station is the most direct source of traffic, according to Taobao official data, whether it is in which stage of development of the Taobao business, train traffic are accounted for a relatively large part.

Files 1: his back to Beijing

file: 3 Beijing North drift, you happy?

live above, live below, always have something to support their life, tenacious reversal. Let us look at the "big" drift in the difficult quenching moment, good warm all head forward of the soul.


music is a lot of people spiritual sustenance in beijing. Beijing and talk the sad and bitter tired of music, only similar music people can tell the North drift. At that time, every night the song came out from the bar at the end of the song, he always wandering in the streets of Sanlitun for a long time, thinking to which a friend home for dinner and spend the night. In Beijing he sang "I fall", "on the road", "every moment is a new", from the corner to million people No one shows any interest in the concert scene, told of his temper and stick to warm. This is Xu Wei. He is a man of music scale drift.

promotion outside the station is also divided into pay and free two, whether free or paid traffic, in the conversion rate can not be compared with the station flow. Because the two kinds of traffic has the essential difference, in the station is the purchase desire strong flow, outside the station is the question strong flow. We are familiar with the station outside marketing more effective way, there are several kinds: SEO, SEM, soft Wen, micro-blog, Taobao customers, hard wide, CPS cooperation and other technical promotion and cooperation. The most promising is the Taobao customer and CPS cooperation, in fact, strictly speaking, Taobao is also a guest CPS, but Taobao customers have been developed to reflect their own characteristics, so I also put off Taobao and other distinguished CPS cooperation.

Two days before

business customers to promote ?

figures above are data from 2011

Taobao station traffic saturation can not avoid

as a business should be how to promote outside the station,

Taobao What is the most suitable for Taobao not find the crowd

and training are not the same, he is out and out the grassroots, 14 year old began to break in Beijing, because learned Wushu by legs Kung Fu in the crowd in the crew, even a figure can not find. When I was hungry, I ate 5 buns at one go and wore the old clothes from my old home. Later, he became a "silly root", "Xu", became popular on both sides of the Changjiang River, recently we started talking about: his skill can really have a fight and Donnie Yen. Even though life is hard, he feels very hopeful. He’s a tough man. He’s Baoqiang Wang.


file 2: music, warm every drift

Beijing is not a dream maker. He is his own dream maker.


in 2011 November, I learned about the allocation of resources within the Taobao wide station in 2012, as shown below:

from the 2011 data showed that the natural search traffic accounted for the bulk, especially in a tight funds early start, but a breakthrough must strengthen the cost of advertising investment to get more traffic. However, as the competition becomes more and more fierce, the price of the through train is higher and higher, and even 3 dollars are not displayed. This gives Taobao small sellers great pressure, survival is also becoming more and more tested.

until you have now become you to drift north, do not regret the tireless.

according to the figure above, we can see, Taobao station 90% of advertising traffic was 10% of the big business to box away, and the remaining 10% of the flow down to competition, the same is to the white hot phase of drilling exhibition system inside. We can see, Taobao station traffic has been seriously saturated, through the car, drill, exhibition and various activities to increase competition, small and medium-sized businesses living there is a growing test. Taobao itself has also developed this problem, so the introduction of etao shopping search, integration of Taobao mall and B2C merchants, to provide free traffic outside the station.

are you cold? The sudden cooling of Beijing, the end of the night to work overtime, feel like "the true story of Agam" in the feathers, in figure RARE street. Chinese textbook said February spring like scissors, then December is the north wind, green dragon saber.

with a friend for a drink, he pushed the door into the shop and sat down, he was seven or eight degrees below zero on the chill toward the door.




"when everyone else is going to sleep, his dinner is not yet available."." Four or five glasses of wine, while a man of reddish eyes. This is probably each drift have suffered the mood. Even later also casts a thousand beams. who had no speech in the wind walk alone, and the strange feeling of a moment of this sudden city.

in those years, he and the new wife rent a house to live, move a house to become commonplace. One year, I even moved six times. Even their children were bred in the process of moving