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of course choose long tail keywords also have some skills, for example, do long tail keywords must first understand the situation of competitors, if the opponent with the independent site to competition, there is no need to take the time to optimize the long tail keywords, is likely to be a thankless. Secondly, to choose the long tail keywords from user psychology to consider, such as selling diet pills, there are three long tail keywords: certain weight loss medicine? How much is the price of certain pills? What medicine reducing weight can quickly lose weight? We can analyze the customer purchase intention the most intense sorting is what medicine reducing weight to lose weight fast? Any want to lose weight fast weight loss drug must be the strong consumer demand, which belongs to rigid consumption, how much is the second consultation XX weight-loss drug price? People are losing weight because of the relatively strong demand, has begun to consider price relationship, and certain slimming medicine? Just general requirements soft, consumption, can buy. Therefore, the choice of small competition, purchasing power of long tail keywords can greatly improve the conversion rate of the site.

three, adjust shop products in time and >

          remember, last time mentioned four levels of search engine marketing objectives, when it comes to search engine marketing, the highest level is the conversion layer. After all, the ultimate goal of the enterprise is to make money, no customer flow is useless. Today, let’s talk about how to make traffic your customers. In simple terms, it’s consumers, not browsers. Of course, what we are going to study today is what businesses do in search engine advertising, how can we improve the CPA, every click of the harvest?.

third, using promotions. We all know what promotions are, "buy one, get one", "several discounts" and so on. In reality, it can attract consumers, and can also attract consumers on the network. In the advertising list of advertising words, add some discounts or value-added promotional information, which can increase clicks and attract customers. After all, people are thinking of cheap ideas. Of course, sometimes also can take the "free" strategy, of course, this is only free low cost and value to customers, such as information, report and so on, it can also help bring the customer and order. Of course, your promotion strategy is appropriate and targeted, otherwise there will be a lot of "garbage flow", which greatly improves the advertising costs.

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two, rich content + user-friendly design.

one, long tail keywords is the core of optimization.

friends come to my website, they will say that the content of the site is very rich, and the site looks very comfortable, the content of the site to express at a glance. That is because I am in the website design, I made a lot of work and effort, it is necessary to achieve the rich content should be clear, "the website fool" to reduce the time cost of users looking for information, because modern people’s concept of time is very valuable, ordinary people in a website in 8 seconds, if you think the information could not be found at this time, a little mouse may be transferred to other sites, so the website design with best F architecture to SEO, meet the consumer’s browsing habits, but also have their own characteristics, so out of the ordinary, the one and only, reduce user "aesthetic fatigue".

first, determine the target market. That is to say, your advertisement is for whom to look. What kind of consumer do you want to attract?. For advertising, it is important to identify the target population and meet the specific needs of the target audience, which helps your advertising attract "right" customers, not spectators.

I used to do SEO, there is a misconception that the target keywords row to sh419 home will bring a lot of traffic, this is not true, my target keywords basically are in the home position, but the flow is not optimistic, but also add up to dozens of IP, but the real site 80% flow or the long tail key words. So, Amoy treasure money real wealth is the source of long tail keywords, although long tail keywords bring traffic is not high, but the fine water Juan, sand into the tower, brought many long tail key words set up flow is far more than the target keywords. According to my observation, there are a lot of good paying guest site even target keywords ranking is still not a good income, the trick is to have the long tail keywords abundant and high quality. Moreover, the long tail keywords than the target keyword characteristics more obvious, is the user positioning more accurate, shopping intention more clearly.

many companies make search engine advertising will find a problem, even if the site traffic is large, but the customer order is very small, resulting in very low ROI, wasting a lot of cost per click, I believe this problem has troubled many enterprises. Recently read some information and some books, the following summary with everyone and research to explore what methods can improve the quality of traffic, attracting consumers, not watching people,

second, determine the solution. This solution is for consumers, and you have to make clear what benefits you can provide to your customers in your advertising terms. Such ads can effectively bring more accurate clicks to your site. For example: "for your car to reduce fuel consumption of the engine 20%" and "our high reputation, good service, reduce the fuel consumption of the engine to provide the two ads, which you feel will be more attractive? Of course is the first, for consumers, they are concerned about their interests, whether they the need to be able to achieve, now see a clear tell you can reduce the will of course and fuel consumption of 20% points in the engine, and the second began to say how his death, is meaningless to consumers.