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9, aspiring Internet entrepreneurs. The biggest advantage of the network is not limited by time and space, with a global market, 24 hours of business, with computer technology and foreign language foundation is critical.

2, has a computer, and can access the Internet non local area network;

my idea is: money, money money is the primary email, surfing Wangzhuan novice must do, to lay a good foundation, and then to make registration Registration money is whether you can become a watershed in the master, PTP Wangzhuan money and other intermediate Wangzhuan development, accumulated experience can be.

here to the special explanation, because the network money uncertainty more, don’t you do Wangzhuan full-time, part-time do Wangzhuan well, then consider full-time.

8, unemployed, unemployed people. Employment is becoming more and more serious, and for those who do not have jobs for the time being, making money online is a good choice.

does not advocate is:

review "witch’s pawnshop" Wang Dong engaged in the catering industry for fourteen years, worked in Yulin, Roasted Duck jiutouniao, dumpling king. Now, catering has changed, we must change. Culture is not only the embodiment of thought, but also the accumulation of a population behavior habit. When he returned to 00, Wang Dong chose a life full of fairy tale flavor.


4, each network management. There’s no need to tell.

4, character patient;

2, Internet cafe boss. The server does not let play, idle is idle, pack him an advertising bar, while managing to earn some extra income.

7, in Internet cafes, can persuade the boss networm. Internet cafes, the next installation and operation, equal to the Internet, do not spend money. But don’t forget to quit when you leave. Otherwise, you can leak personal information.

1, interest, interest is the best teacher;

when Wang Dong entered the eastern Dumpling King, the Oriental Dumpling King was a special shop in the northeast. In 1998 and 1999, Wang Dong’s first catering business was the Oriental dumpling king. In the Orient dumplings king, Wang Dong faced the first change to the enterprise, that change is actually facing a challenge. Because in 1998, 1999, the biggest temptation is a catering business, even if you do only two stores, four stores, store has a slogan is what we want to do China KFC and McDonald’s. At that time, a large number of experts and scholars in Taiwan did business culture at home. At that time, the East dumplings Wang spent three million, the country’s most effective experts have done a full system landing work, including the concept of decoration, VI, CIS and other operating systems landing. A small restaurant to restaurant chain business model change, itself is a challenge, because it requires not only the cost, also need to subvert the traditional family style dining concept, western restaurant management way to introduce a large number of restaurants.

from these three conditions, one is the current food and beverage industry is facing obstacles, the second is the so-called change, and the third is the face of the future, the user is 85, 90, or even 00 after the crowd. After 70 consumption has been particularly rational, will not follow the trend of fashion concept to go, but this group may be marginalized, 90 and 00 will become the main body. This means that the consumer soil has changed, just as it used to be acid soil, and now it’s alkaline soil. And if you plant crops in alkaline soil, that’s your ability. Only to keep pace with the times, innovation, to make the brand stand in an invincible position.

2, abandon the job intention full-time do Wangzhuan;

1, impatient and without time;

1, college students, college students generally have their own computers, spare time is too much, while playing the game, do not prevent making " outside block ".


6, an employee of an autonomous computer company. Don’t get angry boss on the line, the spare time at home do wangzhuan.

for so many years, he has been in the social ladder style catering enterprises, all the way to witness their rise and fall of honor and disgrace. From the Oriental Dumpling King, Yulin jiutouniao to Roasted Duck, Wang Dong experienced three innovation China catering industry and the transformation from the restaurant to the climax, establish a brand, to seek the upgrade process of brand is reflected China macro economic tide in catering economy. China’s chain of imperial dreams in his eyes is meaningless, because changes in the market will change the pattern of food and beverage business, and with the trend of moving, is undoubtedly the most wise choice.

3, Internet cafe administrator. I’m happy to earn some money and make money for my boss. In the machine that no one uses, all the income is impressive.

Wang Dong began to enter the restaurant industry in 1998. He himself was a Russian professional, after graduating from college in 1992, entered the foreign trade industry, when Russia’s trade is very prosperous. He opened in 1998

glorious and resplendent dumplings What is the most suitable person to do Wangzhuan

5, home stock investors. Fry, Wangzhuan two. The stock market closed is not boring? Do Wangzhuan, no rest!

personally believes that making money online requires the following conditions:

himself is free Wangzhuan civilian occupation, mainly the use of spare time to do part-time network money for 3 years, earned 100 thousand yuan. Here are some personal experiences to share with you.

5, preferably a little English or able to handle English software tools.


3, every day there is a certain amount of time to access the Internet;

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