Notes on the frequency of updating Blog websites

a few days ago in the group, someone asked about the frequency of blog updates. In the last one, I just took it with me. Talking about today.

blog is a diary format website. Content needs to be constantly updated to retain old readers. Attract new readers. A reader who comes to your blog, if you see the latest article on the home page published a few months ago, will be less likely to subscribe to the seed or later to read it.

blog updates are best timed. The formation of a certain time interval rules, so that readers have a clear psychological expectations. Know when to visit your blog. Although bloggers strongly recommend readers to subscribe to blog seeds. Read blogs from a reader. But the reality will be used and accustomed to using the reader, after all, still a small number. Most readers prefer to go directly to the site to see updates.

so bloggers should have a roughly stable update cycle. Which day updates aren’t important?. What’s important is the law of formation. Don’t let the reader think the update. Blog several times, but found no update.

blog updates don’t go to the other extreme. Updated too much every day. Statistics show that one of the important reasons for users to unsubscribe from blogs is to update too much. Can’t read it. In addition to a small number of team blogs, more than a dozen articles published every day are acceptable, like moonlight blogs. An ordinary blogger can reach an upper limit once a day. So I quite admire Lao Wan, updated every day. This is quite commendable.

looking at all blogs, you can find a rule. For me, it’s a rule. In the beginning, they are updated at first, with personal preference. And there are a few articles a day. Because just opened blog, that time is full of enthusiasm, and in the belly and goods. Always feel that there is endless content. Then there is a long paper Jiongqi, is called the bottleneck. I can’t write anything. Because all the accumulated before. It’s empty in the stomach. Finally, the stable period. Writing has formed a certain pattern. Breaking through the bottleneck is a process of quantitative change to qualitative change. Just like martial arts fiction. Fame is not immune.

finally says my own update frequency. In fact, many people have mastered it. Because I have classes during the day. The basic update time is at noon or at night. Two to three days to update. If one day more than four days, remember to inform the police, said seven missing.