Qianchengwuyou 268 million 700 thousand yuan acquisition of two companies

lead: graduating student company is headquartered in Shanghai. The website was launched in 2007 with registered users of 8 million, providing full-time and part-time jobs for graduates and students.


news August 11th, qianchengwuyou disclosed the acquisition of another graduate recruitment website (Yingjiesheng.com) the cost of 250 million yuan.


this morning released second quarter earnings report released capital operation period, the disclosure of the announced a few months ago for another graduate recruitment website purchase cost of 250 million yuan.

According to the announcement of

graduates qianchengwuyou, headquartered in Shanghai, the site launched in 2007, 8 million registered users, mainly to provide full-time and part-time jobs for graduates and students.

In addition to the acquisition of

graduates, qianchengwuyou also completed in June 23, 2015 on the Beijing Zhiding Youyuan Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (Zhiding Youyuan) to acquire 60% stake, the transaction price of 18 million 700 thousand yuan.

announcement shows that Zhiding Youyuan was founded in 2010, mainly providing personal talent, qualification assessment services, customers mostly business owners.


also said that in addition to the above two holdings acquired in the second quarter, the company also carried out multiple non controlling investment, investment 20 million 100 thousand yuan.