Beauty photo sites implement SEO skills

One of the trends in

now is the search engine optimization of images. More and more webmasters and businessmen will see the shadow of the picture in the regular search engine results, but few people can really understand the meaning of optimizing pictures. For professional search engine personnel, it is important to understand clearly what traditional search engines need.

The definition of

image search is this: the results of queries are displayed in the form of relevant pictures. This information can be submitted and created by image creators, images, websites, or third party platform browsers.

below is where the image search results appear:

large search engines, including integrated search results and vertical image search results;

photo sharing sites (Flickr, Webshots, PBase, Fotki);

social image sharing website (MySpace, Facebook);

photo search experts and search engine product managers agree that photo search is the fastest growing search engine in the vertical search field. According to the Hitwise data survey, the annual growth rate of images is 90%, a total of 360 thousand search users per month through Google, Yahoo! Search for large search engines with Ask, MSN, and AOL. Among the 5 search giants, they have professional picture search, including Google, Yahoo! MSN also integrated images into common search results.

, while GOOGLE’s image search is the main product of his vertical search.

"Picture search results are constantly being incorporated into the regular search results and are constantly improving their availability," said Chris Smith, head of technology development at

Idearc Media.

The leader of the

photo search engine market,

is among the 5 biggest search engine giants, and GOOGLE is far superior to rivals in image search. According to Hitwise survey data, GOOGLE image search accounted for about 72% of all search engine market, GOOGLE easily accounted for the largest share of the total market of vertical search, vertical search pictures more than the total amount of ASK and AOL.

Commerce360 search Sales Department Manager Liana Evans and Smith GOOGLE will advantage attributed to the following aspects: GOOGLE has a huge database and in the search engine market long time the MOPA roll; continue to focus on vertical search market is easy; to submit images to the user;

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